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Writing in Ha’aretz under the heading “Israel, on the road to a theocracy”, Uri Misgav asserts his country’s democratic-secular identity is under attack. “The ultimate source of authority is no longer the state and its institutes. The sources of inspiration are not liberal humanism, human rights, the enlightenment movement and science,” he writes, while blaming Netanyahu for surrounding himself with religious Zionists “motivated solely by utilitarian considerations”.

Democracy, theocracy or whatever else, to misquote the Bard, this thorny rose by any other name would smell the same. If anything, Israel is a rogue military state disguised under lashings of Made in the USA whitewash hiding under the facade of being a democracy. Without rights for all regardless of ethnicity or religion as envisaged by Ben-Gurion, Israel’s so-called democracy should be called-out as a sham.

Source: Israel’s democracy disguise is wearing thin | Intrepid

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