Deep State panic: Intel officers reportedly implore CIA Director Haspel to ‘protect Ukraine whistleblower’ from Trump

The deep state continues to panic as President Trump’s administration gets closer to exposing them for what they have tried to do: Depose him.

Operatives are reportedly imploring CIA Director Gina Haspel (center, above) to “protect” ‘he who must not be named’ — the Ukraine “whistleblower,” whose identity everyone already knows because investigative reporter Paul Sperry identified him last week.

NBC News reported:

As President Donald Trump and his allies continue to denounce the CIA whistleblower whose complaint led to an impeachment investigation, pressure is building on the spy agency’s director, Gina Haspel, to take a stand on the matter, current and former intelligence officials tell NBC News.

“It will be incumbent on her to protect the whistleblower — and by extension, the organization — moving forward,” Marc Polymeropoulos, a recently retired CIA officer who oversaw operations in Europe and Russia, said in an interview. “This is a seminal moment for her leadership, and I’m confident she will do the right thing.”

Because the so-called “mainstream media” is really nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the deep state and the Garbage Party, our first instinct, always, is to take such reports with a grain of salt. The establishment media’s objective isn’t to inform, especially when it comes to President Trump: Its objective is to play its standard role in destroying him.

But if the report is true, then let’s examine what’s playing out here.

Understand that this is a coup attempt, first and foremost. Among fair-minded people, this isn’t even a discussion anymore. There is a “deep state,” and it’s the same institution that took out John F. Kennedy back in the day, albeit, of course, with different players.

Source: Deep State panic: Intel officers reportedly implore CIA Director Haspel to ‘protect Ukraine whistleblower’ from Trump

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