US abandons all semblance of rule of law to go after Assange | The Daily Bell – Joe Jarvis

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These judges act like medieval rulers, jailing people at their whim for refusing to say whatever the rulers demand.

Apparently a judge’s contempt of court order trumps due process, the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, and all semblance of Western legal standards.

Just think about how dictatorial the US is acting.

Because a journalist revealed war crimes, the US issues a secret indictment. They pay off a foreign government to get their hands on him. And they arrest and imprison a witness for refusing to say what they want.

This should raise alarms to everyone who still thinks due process and fairness exist in the American judicial system. This is how banana republics act.

Source: US abandons all semblance of rule of law to go after Assange | The Daily Bell

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