Supreme Court: Government Unions Can’t Collect Dues From Non-members

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While working a summer job during my college days in the paint shop of Halliburton (we had a lot of red and gray paint) in my hometown of Duncan, Oklahoma, I became involved in a conversation with a strong union advocate. I told him that I thought it was wrong for labor unions to get involved in political issues and campaigns, using forced union dues, because often the issues had little to nothing to do with working conditions for their members.

I specifically cited that the unions had supported Senator George McGovern’s presidential campaign in the most recent election, and that he had lost 49 states. Literally millions of union members had not supported the same candidate as the union bosses. That did not matter, he told me, as some workers are just not smart enough to know what is good for them, and the union leaders (such as himself) must protect them from their own ignorance.

Source: Supreme Court: Government Unions Can’t Collect Dues From Non-members

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