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I was reminded of the Gell-Man effect when reading British journalist Angela Saini’s much celebrated new book, Superior: The Return of Race Science.

In Saini’s sprawling conspiracy theory about the malign forces that inspire evil scientists to keep on noticing differences between human groups despite seventy years of politically correct censorship, I am cast as a villain, along with, among others, polymath Francis Galton, psychometrician Arthur Jensen, geneticist James D. Watson, rock singer Morrissey, Harvard geneticist David Reich, and even Albert Einstein. (That lineup makes me feel like the batboy on the 1927 Yankees: honored just to be on the same field.)

Saini gets her story about me so wrong that’s it’s hard to have much confidence in the rest of her book.

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A Half Century of Amnesia – Taki’s Magazine

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Back during the protracted recount following the 2000 Bush-Gore election, I offered a subversive bit of advice in a VDARE article entitled: “GOP Future Depends on Winning Larger Share of the White Vote.”

Bush’s boy-genius strategist Karl Rove had achieved acclaim by declaring that the only hope for the Republican Party to cope with changing demographics was in enticing Hispanic voters by encouraging even more immigration. Sure, the GOP would lose on each immigrant vote cast, but would make up for it on volume. Or something.

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The Corporate War on Free Speech – Taki’s Magazine

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Some have suggested that the tech giants represent illegal monopolies and thus require government regulation to allow access for dissident opinions.

They can’t shut everyone up. At least they can’t if a substantial number of you are willing to keep talking. The fact that they’re trying so frantically to silence you is not evidence that they are confident in their own beliefs, but that they deeply fear your beliefs. Play on that fear. Don’t let these psychotic and sadistic control freaks frighten you into shutting your mouths.

Source: The Corporate War on Free Speech – Taki’s Magazine

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