Trump Blows Big Wad For Israel Instead of Wall | INCOG MAN

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Trump dropped another huge wad in military expense attacking Syria last night. Each of those Tomahawk cruise missile babies cost at least 1.5 million, with over 100 launched. Add in plane attacks and command and control, the whole thing approached 200 million spent in the last few hours. Add in the attack last year and it’s close to half a billion.

That’s a lot of miles in border fencing down south.

Looks like Israel’s Zionist hegemony in the Mideast is much more important to Trump. In fact, we’ll give Israel enough moolah in the next couple of years to totally pay for US security on the border. No doubt about it: Trump is fully in the Jew’s pocket.

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Christ Himself Fought These Stinking Hypocrites | INCOG MAN

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* It is clear from the New Testament that the Jewish power structure of the time, the Sanhedrin, WERE TOTALLY responsible for forcing the Romans to execute Jesus. And following the crucifixion, they mercilessly persecuted the early Christian worshippers all over Israel, Syria and Rome. Additionally, the Jewish Talmud contains “virulent hate speech” about Jesus being the son of a whore, a magician from Egypt and is now boiling in excrement in hell. They even gleefully brag it was really the Jews who did the execution, and not the Romans, by strangling Jesus to death in the trash heap of Gomorrah!

But they sure go crazy whenever we say one damn thing, now don’t they?

Today, the Jews are doing everything they can to shut up the Goyim from saying one word about whatever they do, including what the Sanhedrin once did to Jesus Christ. Witness this grovelling apology letter from Glenn Beck to Abe Foxman proudly published on the ADL website HERE(for some ridiculously minor on-air comment the Chosenites deemed a “transgression”). Sickening.

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I Don’t Smell a Hogg — I SMELL A BIG RAT | INCOG MAN

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I saw this guy on TV and I said to myself, this David Hogg guy has been coached or something else tricky dick is going on. Turns out, little Hogg boy is definitely not who they want you to think. We know the liberals want to disarm America — the homies are totally going out of control. Can’t have the Second Amendment when violent, criminal blacks are running around freely, while they promote our women to breed our White race away. Of course, criminal blacks will be the ones who will keep guns.

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What We Hope The FISA Memo Is | INCOG MAN

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What the Nunes FISA memo is supposed to do is tie together the entire Democrat/Jewish conspiracy against Donald Trump.The hope is that it starts way back with Obama, before Trump ever got the nomination, when that administration was involved in a conspiracy with the FBI and the DoJ to clear Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing involving her secret bathroom server. We now know from several different sources – including hard documentation – that the fix was in long before James “O Jimmy Boy” Comey announced that Clinton would face no charges.

Source: What We Hope The FISA Memo Is | INCOG MAN

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