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Like all breeds of Nature, ethnic Europeans have a God-given right to continue their racial heritage. There is nothing “racist” or “hateful” or “evil” in this. No one calls any breed in nature “racists” for preserving and sticking with their own kind.

Self-preservation is the first law of Nature. In fact, it would be regarded as criminal to deny any non-white race the right for self-preservation in their historical homelands. Only Europeans are depicted as “racists” and “evil” for desiring what every other race of humans takes for granted. This anti-white double standard is in itself racist.

Source: – Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

News With Views | The Mess In Washington DC To Worsen

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When it comes to serving American citizens, our interests and our taxpaying wallets, our Congressional criminals since 1986—continue to serve just about every illegal mother and father, along with their kids, plus MS 13 drug gangs and visa overstays—as if we can survive another 100 million or 200 million more immigrants of all kinds. We can’t; we won’t!  When does this immigration line end?  Answer: it doesn’t end as the third world adds 80 million, net gain, new babies, annually. Another 3.0 billion withi

Source: News With Views | The Mess In Washington DC To Worsen

Time for the NumbersUSA family to get behind Chairman Goodlatte’s bill

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H.R. 4760 would sharply reduce legal immigration and would strongly combat illegal immigration

We want lower immigration. By overwhelming numbers, the American people want this. President Trump wants it too. Congress is sharply divided between our champions who want to control immigration and open borders advocates who want few limits. This is America’s time to decide.

Review and compare the current bills in Congress



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