Trump Is Considering Firing Fed Chair Powell | Zero Hedge

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If amid the barrage of negative news hitting the market this quarter there has been one outstanding item which would have sent it sharply (even) lower, that would be a flashing red headline – or a tweet from the president – announcing that Trump has fired Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

And while to many such an act would seem unthinkable, even from someone as unorthodox and unpredictable as Trump, it now appears that’s precisely the outcome the market will have to worry about next as Bloomberg reports that the president has discussed firing Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell “as his frustration with the central bank chief intensified following this week’s interest-rate increase and months of stock-market losses”, citing four people familiar with the matter.

Source: Trump Is Considering Firing Fed Chair Powell | Zero Hedge

Is The Federal Reserve Actually TRYING To Cause A Stock Market Crash? – Michael Snyder 

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The Federal Reserve has decided not to come to the rescue this time.  All of the economic numbers tell us that the economy is slowing down, and on Wednesday Fed Chair Jerome Powell even admitted that economic conditions are “softening”, but the Federal Reserve raised interest rates anyway.  As one top economist put it, raising rates as we head into an economic downturn is “economic malpractice”.  They know that higher rates will slow down the economy even more, but it isn’t as if the Fed was divided on this move.  In fact, it was a unanimous vote to raise rates.  They clearly have an agenda, and that agenda is definitely not about helping the American people.

Early on Wednesday, Wall Street seemed to believe that the Federal Reserve would do the right thing, and the Dow was up nearly 400 points.  But then the announcement came, and the market began sinking dramatically.

Source: Is The Federal Reserve Actually TRYING To Cause A Stock Market Crash?

Sabotage: The Deep State Has Destroyed Trump’s Chances Of A Trade Deal With China, And The Stock Market Is Tanking As A Result

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Somebody out there apparently does not want President Trump to make a trade deal with China.  Just after U.S. and Chinese officials agreed to suspend the implementation of new tariffs for 90 days, one of China’s most important tech executives was literally kidnapped as she was changing planes in Canada.  Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou was simply on her way to Mexico, but at the urging of U.S. authorities the Canadians grabbed her and are refusing to let her go.  Reportedly, the plan is to extradite her to the United States where she will apparently face charges relating to Huawei’s evasion of U.S. sanctions against Iran.  When Trump was negotiating face to face with the Chinese, he was not aware that this was taking place.  So now all of Trump’s hard work is out the window, and our relations with the Chinese are probably the worst that they have been since the Korean War.

If U.S. authorities wanted to punish Huawei, they should have just slapped a big fine on them and have been done with it.

The Chinese would have been annoyed, but not that much damage would have been done.

Source: Sabotage: The Deep State Has Destroyed Trump’s Chances Of A Trade Deal With China, And The Stock Market Is Tanking As A Result

Brexit: Theresa May Goes Greek!, by Brett Redmayne -Titley – The Unz Review

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Presidents, prime ministers, congresspersons and parliamentarians worldwide regularly negate the democratic will of their nation’s voters by refusing to support legitimate election results. Strangely, their treasonous actions continue without serious reprisal or punishment by the voter. This emboldens them. The reality of votes cast and “democracy” past does not does bode well for the people of the United Kingdom, their future as a nation or their hopeful return to sovereignty once called, “Brexit.”

While the name has not changed; the definition certainly has.

It has become all too easy for democracy to be turned on its head and popular nationalist mandates, referenda and elections negated via instant political hypocrisy by leaders who show their true colours only after the public vote. So it has been within the two-and-a-half year unraveling of the UK Brexit referendum of 2016 that saw the subsequent negotiations now provide the Brexit voter with only three possibilities. All are a loss for Britain.

Source: Brexit: Theresa May Goes Greek!, by Brett Redmayne-Titley – The Unz Review


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“I am willing it (the Bank) should expire in peace; but if it does persist in its war with the government, I have a measure in contemplation which will destroy it at once, and which I am resolved to apply, be the consequences to individuals what they may.” – Andrew Jackson  (12)

Though the real owners / bosses of The Bank were based in Europe, Nicholas Biddle of Philadelphia ran the United States end of Rothschild’s vast criminal network. Biddle, who had graduated from the University of Pennsylvania at the age of thirteen, was a brilliant financier and highly formidable adversary. To paraphrase a line from the classic film, The Godfather, Biddle “carried around politicians and newspapermen in his pocket like so many nickels and dimes.”



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When it comes to ranking presidents, the “consensus” of the egghead historians of American academia generally ranks the 20th Century’s most loyal puppets of the New World Order banking Mafia very high, and the proponents of limited government and “hard currency” very low. A 2017 C-Span survey, for example, ranked the following scoundrels in the top 15 of 43 (Trump not included, Grover Cleveland, who served unconnected terms, only counted once):

Source: JOHN TYLER – THE BEST PRESIDENT YOU NEVER HEARD OF – Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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In his latest book, Texe Marrs provides a rude reminder of the “big picture” behind world events. The West is already controlled by satanist Jews whose goal is to establish a technological police state akin to Stalin’s darkest days and to slaughter any Christians or Muslims stubborn enough to adhere to Christ or Mohammed.   This seems farfetched but daily events confirm this analysis. They have used the banking system to subvert and control all social institutions worldwide.

Source: – Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

Meet the New Fed Chairman — Steemit

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The first thing to note about this latest market turmoil (and “recovery”) is the point I have been making over and over and over for the past several years; namely, that the “new normal” of the central bank-dominated post-Lehman economy is a reality inversion bubble. “Bad” economic news is great economic news and “good” economic news is terrible economic news.

Why? Because when the markets get hit with bad news it means there’s a higher likelihood that the Fed (and/or the ECB, the BOE, the BOJ or another central bank) will spike the punch bowl to keep the good times rolling. Need more stimulus? Here you go! Markets not reaching record highs? We’ll start investing directly! Interest rates still not low enough? Fine, we’ll take them negative!

Source: Meet the New Fed Chairman — Steemit

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