Pope Francis Calls for End of Sovereignty and Establishment of Global Government – The New American – Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

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At a meeting of the Pontifical Academy held recently, Pope Francis (shown in white) advocated a policy of decreased national sovereignty and increased global unity. A shift toward globalism is necessary, he said, in order to fight climate change and other worldwide “threats.”

“When a supranational common good is clearly identified, it is necessary to have a special authority legally and concordantly constituted capable of facilitating its implementation. We think of the great contemporary challenges of climate change, new forms of slavery and peace,” his holiness told those gathered to discuss “Nation, State, and Nation-State,” the conference theme.

Pope Francis put a pretty fine point on his message, claiming that planetary problems are exacerbated by “an excessive demand for sovereignty on the part of States.”

Source: Pope Francis Calls for End of Sovereignty and Establishment of Global Government

Council of Councils: CFR Deep State Convenes Latest Globalist Confab on “World Order” – The New American – William F. Jasper

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The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is holding its latest Council Of Councils (COC) gathering in Washington, D.C., hosting “opinion leaders” from the arenas of politics, finance, media, academia, and think tanks to grapple with “global governance” issues. The three-day event, the COC’s eighth annual conference, brings together globalist elites representing 29 of the CFR’s sister organizations in 24 countries.

The participants in the CFR/COC palaver, according to the organization’s announcement, will be discussing five major themes:

• What Should the Future World Order Look Like?

• Managing Global Catastrophic Risk: Nuclear Weapons Confronting the Challenges of a Rapidly Urbanizing World

• How Do We Ensure Freedom has a Future?

• Multilateral Responses to a Planetary Environmental Crisis

• Multilateral Conflict Management: Yemen

Source: Council of Councils: CFR Deep State Convenes Latest Globalist Confab on “World Order”

Godless America? Faith Could Kill Liberalism, but Liberalism Is Killing Faith – Selwyn Duke

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“The only foundation for … a republic is to be laid in Religion. Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty,” warned Founding Father Benjamin Rush. We’re losing that foundation, however, with yet another survey showing that irreligiosity has been burgeoning in America — especially in recent years. Yet with church attendance being one of the best predictors of voting patterns, what does this portend for our nation’s political and cultural future? And how can the atheistic descent be halted if few understand its actual causes?

The latest data was provided by the General Social Survey, which “has tracked a broad swath of American trends since 1972,” informs the Daily Mail. Summarizing the study’s recent findings, the paper writes:

Source: Godless America? Faith Could Kill Liberalism, but Liberalism Is Killing Faith

Massive Coalition Backs Trump’s Climate Science Committee – Alex Newman

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A massive coalition of environmental organizations, activists, and think-tank leaders signed a letter to President Donald Trump supporting the proposed Presidential Commission on Climate Security (PCCS), as well as the work of Trump climate and national security adviser Dr. William Happer of Princeton University. The campaign, which comes amid fierce establishment resistance to re-examining government “climate science,” also backs an independent scientific review of the increasingly dubious claims made in federal climate reports. Analysts say this battle will be crucial in establishing the credibility of government climate science — or the lack thereof.

The coalition letter, signed by almost 40 leading policy organizations and well over 100 prominent leaders, argues that an independent review of federal global-warming reports is “long overdue.” “Serious problems and shortcomings have been raised repeatedly in the past by highly-qualified scientists only to be ignored or dismissed by the federal agencies in charge of producing the reports,” the leaders and organizations explained. Indeed, in multiple cases, federal bureaucracies have even been accused of fraudulently manipulating data and findings to support their politically backed conclusions.

Source: Massive Coalition Backs Trump’s Climate Science Committee

Brexit Chaos as War of the Elites Against Brit Independence Intensifies – William F. Jasper 

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A series of confusing votes and a chaotic welter of parliamentary maneuvers over the past several days have left a muddled picture concerning where Britain now stands on Brexit. After voting to reject Prime Minister Theresa May’s treaty deal with the European Union, which was widely viewed as a sellout of Brexit, Parliament then turned around and voted against a “no deal Brexit,” meaning they rejected the “Just Leave!” option favored by many Brexiteers that would involve simply departing from the EU without an agreement. The votes were cynical exercises in political expediency. Pro-Remain Members of Parliament in both Conservative and Labour parties hoped the first vote would help them escape the wrath of Britain’s pro-Brexit voters, while the second vote would actually scuttle any real Brexit. The votes have now left them with the options of either: 1) hoping for yet a new Theresa May-EU deal (even though the EU bosses have ruled out any further negotiations); extending the March 29 Brexit deadline; holding a new referendum on Brexit, or; simply remaining in the EU. The Europhile Remainers prefer any of the above to a clean Brexit, which they have constantly demonized as an irresponsible “crashing out,” “no-deal” Brexit that would be (they claim) calamitous for Britain’s security and prosperity.

Nick Boles, a pro-EU Conservative Party Member of Parliament and one of May’s Remainer allies, let it be known on March 12 that he was hellbent on stopping a clean Brexit.

Source: Brexit Chaos as War of the Elites Against Brit Independence Intensifies

Macron Defends European Union in Multi-language Tweet – Steve Byas

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In a 22-language tweet on Monday night, French President Emmanuel Macron declared, “We are at a pivotal moment for our continent.” In a spirited defense of the European Union (EU), Macron added, “We cannot let nationalists without solutions exploit the people’s anger.”

The occasion for the open letter to the “Citizens of Europe” was the upcoming elections for the European Parliament, held during this time when the secession of the United Kingdom from the EU is imminent. Macron was clearly angry about that looming secession, known as “Brexit,” which threatens the plans of globalists such as himself who despise national sovereignty. He condemned Brexit as an “irresponsible lie peddled by anger mongers backed by fake news.”

Source: Macron Defends European Union in Multi-language Tweet

Will Texas Heartbeat Bill Lead to Reversal of Roe v. Wade? – Steve Byas

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A bill presently in both a House committee and in a Senate committee in the Texas Legislature — banning abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected — may be the vehicle that will give the Supreme Court the opportunity to reverse Roe v. WadeDoe v. Bolton, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, three decisions that have restrained states from passing laws outlawing abortion.

Roe v. Wade, a 7-2 ruling handed down in January 1973, held that a woman has a constitutionally protected right to an abortion, while the Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision of 1992 declared that a state could not place an undue burden on a woman seeking an abortion.

This is why pro-abortion progressives fought so intently against the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. He replaced Anthony Kennedy, who had generally favored abortion rights.

Source: Will Texas Heartbeat Bill Lead to Reversal of Roe v. Wade?

Idaho Proposal Answers New York, Virginia Infanticide Laws: “Abortion Is Murder!” – Richard Loudenback

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Two pro-life constitutionalists in the Idaho state legislature are deadly serious about putting an end to the abortion slaughter in the Gem State. They have thrown down the gauntlet on the abortion issue. Boasting the best voting records in Idaho with the state Constitution are seasoned Representative Heather Scott and freshman Representative John Green, who are cosponsoring a bill to end the murdering of unborn human beings. Their bill, The Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act,would close loopholes that now exempt abortion from the state’s murder statute.

The Scott-Green bill is in marked contrast to the recently passed legislation in New York permitting pre-natal infanticide up until birth, and in Virginia, where even post-natal infanticide may now be permitted. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a shock through the nation in January by signing into law a bill that allows pre-born babies to be killed up to the moment of birth.

Source: Idaho Proposal Answers New York, Virginia Infanticide Laws: “Abortion Is Murder!”

AUMF Repeal Bill Named for Walter Jones Introduced – Michael Tennant

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A California congressman has introduced legislation named after the late Representative Walter Jones (R-N.C.; shown) that would repeal the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) passed in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks — a cause that was close to Jones’ heart.

On February 6, just four days before Jones’ death, Representative John Garamendi (D-Calif.) introduced the Walter B. Jones Restoring Power to Congress Act, a bill that would repeal the AUMF one year after the bill became law. Although Jones was already in hospice care at the time, Garamendi listed him as a cosponsor of the bill, a fitting gesture in light of the fact that, according to Roll Call, “the legislation grew out of Garamendi’s work with Jones on the House Armed Services Committee.”

Source: AUMF Repeal Bill Named for Walter Jones Introduced

Omar Remarks Highlight Increasing Possibility That Israel Will Be Issue in 2020 – Steve Byas

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Representative Omar was pressured into backtracking her remarks, issuing a statement on Monday afternoon, “My intention is never to offend my constituents or Jewish Americans as a whole. We have to always be willing to step back and think through criticism, just as I expect people to hear me when others attack me for my identity. This is why I unequivocally apologize.”

Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who is himself Jewish, used the opportunity, as he often does, to attack Republicans. While conceding, “It’s never acceptable to give voice to, or repeat, anti-Semitic smears,” he added the allegation that Republican attacks on George Soros were also anti-Semitic.

It is likely that America’s relationship with Israel will be a hotly-debated topic in the 2020 presidential campaign.

Source: Omar Remarks Highlight Increasing Possibility That Israel Will Be Issue in 2020

German Defense Chief: Unleash NATO on Opponents of “World Order” – The New American – Alex Newman

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In a rambling column celebrating the controversial North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said that the alliance’s military force was needed for use against opponents of the “rules-based international order.” The bizarre screed comes as more and more people across the Western world and beyond turn against the globalist “world order” that von der Leyen says must be preserved, even by military force if need be. Among the most prominent critics has been the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, who globalists claim is seeking to blow it all up.

The opinion piece, “The World Still Needs NATO” published in the far-left New York Times, offers a great deal of insight into the role globalists hope NATO will play in the emerging “world order” they are seeking to foist on humanity. For instance, NATO is not just a military alliance, but “a political alliance as well,” von der Leyen admitted. But amid historic skepticism about the alliance expressed openly by President Trump and the millions of American voters who elected him, the pro-NATO propaganda smacks of desperation. In short, it seems NATO’s future is uncertain at best. And globalists, apparently recognizing the threat to their dangerous agenda, have launched a full-blown public relations campaign to shore up support for the scheme.

Source: German Defense Chief: Unleash NATO on Opponents of “World Order”

CIS Sues SPLC, Alleges Wire Fraud, RICO Conspiracy l New American – R. Cort Kirkwood

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The Center for Immigration Studies, a leading think tank focused on the costs and consequences of mass immigration, filed suit today against two top officials at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

SPLC President Richard Cohen and Intelligence Project Director Heidi Beirich, the lawsuit alleges, “have have been engaged in an ongoing conspiracy to harm CIS by falsely designating it a hate group.”

Source: CIS Sues SPLC, Alleges Wire Fraud, RICO Conspiracy

Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Goes Down in Flames; Brexit Future Unclear – James Murphy

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Nigel Farage, former leader of the U.K. Independence Party and one of the main voices in favor of Brexit, called today’s result “A catastrophic failure of leadership by Theresa May. If she has any sense of honor, then she will resign.”

Back in 2016, it seemed so simple. Now that globalist politicians have been fumbling over Brexit for the past two and a half years, it’s become a far greater mess than it ever had to be. While no-confidence votes and changing governments over the next few weeks and months will complicate things further, the answer still remains clear: A no-deal Brexit is the only thing that will allow for a fresh start. Great Britain can then negotiate its trade deals for itself. On its own terms.

Source: Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Goes Down in Flames; Brexit Future Unclear

Killing Nationalism: Merkel Says Nations Should Give Up Sovereignty – Selwyn Duke

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be preparing to step off the political stage, but she’s apparently going out not with a whimper but a globalist bang. This was signaled recently at an event organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, where the German leader and ex-communist proclaimed, “In this day nation states must today — should today, I say — be ready to give up sovereignty,” according to the Express.

Ah, the difference between “must” and “should”: a spontaneous Freudian slip to the mind and two seconds in a speech — and a whole lot of power in government.

Speaking at the “Parliamentarianism Between Globalisation and National Sovereignty” event last month, Merkel impugned “populism” and “suggested countries should [must?] be willing to give up control over their own affairs and let organisations such as the European Union have more power,” as the Express summarized it. The paper called this “a veiled swipe at Brexit.” It was likely that — and more.

Source: Killing Nationalism: Merkel Says Nations Should Give Up Sovereignty

Mattis Was Just Another Interventionist and Globalist – Steve Byas

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President Trump’s unexpected decision this week to pull U.S. troops out of Syria led almost immediately to the resignation of Secretary of Defense Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis on Thursday. While criticism from Democrats was a given, just for the sake of criticizing anything Trump does, the outrage of Republican internationalists over Mattis’ resignation revealed just how entrenched certain ideas are in the U.S. government — that America should be the world’s policeman being first among them.

Despite his tough image, complete with the moniker “Mad Dog,” it should be understood that Jim Mattis is no conservative, much less a constitutionalist. Mattis is the typical high-ranking military officer who made his way to the top by being politically correct. He was no Douglas MacArthur or George Patton, that’s for sure.

Source: Mattis Was Just Another Interventionist and Globalist

Trump Calls Democratic Bluff: Won’t Sign Bill to Fund Gov’t Without Wall Money – R. Cort Kirkwood

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It appears that President Trump recovered his courage and will, indeed, refuse to sign a bill to continue funding the government past December 21 if he does not get $5 billion to help build a wall to stop illegal immigration.

Trump had promised to remain firm, saying he’d be proud to shut down the government. Then yesterday, he suggested he would sign a bill to fund the government and would get his wall another way.

But today, at a meeting with GOP members of the House, after the Senate passed a funding bill last night, the president again put down an ultimatum: no wall funding, no bill signing to avoid a shutdown.

Source: Trump Calls Democratic Bluff: Won’t Sign Bill to Fund Gov’t Without Wall Money

Global Rebellion Against UN Mass-migration Pact Spreads – Alex Newman

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Following the lead of U.S. President Donald Trump and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (shown), governments across Europe and beyond are refusing to join a controversial United Nations agreementaiming to accelerate mass immigration into the West. Basically, under the UN plan, migration and taxpayer-funded benefits are to be transformed into a “human right,” while governments crack down on criticism. But on December 5, Slovakian and Bulgarian authorities followed Austria, Israel, Poland, Australia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and other free nations in announcing that they would not be signing up to the UN scheme. The growing list of defections comes just before the start of a key UN migration summit set to open next week in Marrakesh, Morocco. Globalists are outraged at the resistance. But the list of governments rejecting the plot is expected to keep growing.

In Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, public pressure to reject the UN scheme has been growing for weeks. Last week, the Parliament even adopted a resolution urging the government to withdraw. “Slovakia is fully sovereign in defining its own national migration policy,” reads the resolution, adding that the UN Global Compact for Migration was at odds with the nation’s security and migration policy. The resolution also noted that illegal immigration is a negative phenomenon with national security risks. And so, Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini announced that he would send the objections to the UN. Bulgarian authorities also announced this week that they would reject the pact. “At this stage, the Bulgarian government believes that the decision not to join the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration protects to the fullest extent the interests of the country and its citizens,” the government press office said in a statement released on December 5.

Source: Global Rebellion Against UN Mass-migration Pact Spreads

Controversial “Roe v. Wade” Movie Reveals Truth About Infamous Supreme Court Case

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The upcoming controversial movie Roe v. Wade is projected to open in theaters the winter of 2019. The feature-length movie, produced by actor and producer Nick Loeb, is the true account of the infamous 1973 Supreme Court case that overturned states’ rights, legalizing abortion throughout the country and altering the course of the nation.

The film will not only unveil the truth of the abortion industry, but also its agenda. According to the movie’s gofundme website, “Roe v. Wade is the untold story of how people lied, how the media lied, and how the courts were manipulated to pass a law that has since killed over 60 Million Americans.”

Source: Controversial “Roe v. Wade” Movie Reveals Truth About Infamous Supreme Court Case

Terrorism U.: Gov. Cuomo Supports Terrorists Angela Davis, Oscar Rivera, Antifa on Campus

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Among the many visiting “scholars” supposedly showering wisdom upon inquiring, young minds at our colleges and universities these days are unrepentant communists/terrorists Angela Davis and Oscar Lopez Rivera.

Angela Davis (shown) is to be the honored guest and featured speaker at New York University’s Skirball Talks, on November 5, where she will address the topic of “Politics & Aesthetics in the Era of Black Lives Matter.” For those New York students and activists who just can’t wait for Comrade Angela, there’s Comrade Oscar Lopez Rivera, who will be appearing nearby on Long Island, at Hofsta University’s Center for Civic Engagement. He will be discussing “The Myth of a Freely Chosen Status: Puerto Rico’s Future in the Wake of ‘PROMESA’ and Hurricane Maria.”

The NYU Skirball promo for Davis asks, “What are the different tools for combating racism today, after Obama’s presidency and the backlash of the Trump regime? What do the tools of struggle and emancipation look like, and do aesthetics play a role?” The answer: “Please join us as activist, scholar and writer Angela Davis discusses politics & aesthetics in the era of Black Lives Matter.”

Source: Terrorism U.: Gov. Cuomo Supports Terrorists Angela Davis, Oscar Rivera, Antifa on Campus

At John Birch Society’s 60th Anniversary, Lawmakers Speak Out

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Some of America’s most principled lawmakers at the state and federal level told activists here that liberty is in danger, but the fight is not over and there are signs of hope. One of the key problems that they all agreed on is that the Constitution that every American legislator swears an oath to uphold is not actually being obeyed. That has allowed all sorts of major problems to emerge, ranging from a federal debt tsunami that threatens to engulf the nation in crisis to the ongoing erosion of fundamental God-given liberties and the Christian foundations of America. But it was not all bad news. In fact, some of the speakers argued that while liberty is not yet safe, it is on the march.

Source: At John Birch Society’s 60th Anniversary, Lawmakers Speak Out

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