Media propaganda machine pushing for US war on Iran | Intrepid – Stephen Lendman

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Whenever Washington goes to war or plans one, naked aggression every time launched based on Big Lies and deception, US media genuflect supportively, acting as Pentagon press agents—backing what demands denunciation.

Are Iran and Venezuela next on the Trump regime’s target list? What’s madness and flagrantly illegal if launched against either country is possible.

Bipartisan lunatics run the Washington asylum. Never in world history has one nation threatened humanity’s survival like the US.

Endless wars of aggression rage, all sovereign independent nations the US doesn’t control on its target list for regime change—invented enemies because real ones don’t exist.

Source: Media propaganda machine pushing for US war on Iran | Intrepid

Trump’s encircling of Venezuela: A fool’s errand – Intrepid Report – Wayne Madsen

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Relying on the advice of neo-conservative war hawk John Bolton, pompous Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Iran-Contra scandal felon Elliott Abrams, Donald Trump has embarked on the containment encircling of Venezuela. Trump is engaged in a fool’s errand of relying on the support of fascist leaders of Venezuela’s neighbors to pressure Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro to turn over power to a motley collection of Wall Street puppets who want to reverse the Bolivarian socialist policies of Maduro and his late predecessor, Hugo Chavez.

The Trump administration has made Colombia, where President Ivan Duque rules with the assistance of cartel drug lords and Central Intelligence Agency-linked paramilitary units. Abrams, Trump’s “special envoy” for Venezuela, failed miserably during the 1980s in trying to bring down the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. Instead of President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Abrams and his cohorts almost brought down the administration of Ronald Reagan when it was discovered that the CIA was illegally using the proceeds of arms sales to Iran to fund the anti-Sandinista Nicaraguan Contras.

Source: Trump’s encircling of Venezuela: A fool’s errand | Intrepid

How lies become ‘facts’ in U.S. ‘news’ – Intrepid Report – Eric Zuesse

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On Fox News Channel’s May 2 edition of “The Story with Martha MacCallum” it was alleged, by the program host (at 2:45 in this video), that one reason we must invade Venezuela (if we will) is that “People have lost 24 pounds” there. So (her point was), if we invade, that’s not evil, it’s no coup, but instead it’s humanitarian (presumably like it was in Iraq in 2003, when we invaded that country, which likewise had never invaded nor threatened to invade the United States—it was raw international aggression, by our country, against Iraq).

Individuals who fall for a liar once, will typically fall for that liar again and again, without limit, because they are (for whatever reason) prejudiced to trust him. But is this attempt at “regime change” in Venezuela yet another example of that, or might it instead really be the case (this time) that (as this Fox host implies) to invade Venezuela will help the people there (gain back that lost weight, etc.), not kill many of them and destroy their nation even worse than it already was?

So, I checked online, to find what the source was, if any, for this stunning allegation by the Fox News host. After all, such a steep a weight-loss for an entire nation would be shocking.

Source: How lies become ‘facts’ in U.S. ‘news’ | Intrepid

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