Justin Raimondo, RIP (1951-2019) – Antiwar.com Original

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He found more intellectual inspiration in the Old Right, people like John T. Flynn, Albert J. Nock, Frank Chodorov, Isabel Paterson, and other mid-20th century figures who defended the vision of a constitutional republic and protested the progressive leviathan’s despotic powers at home and abroad. Justin was especially influenced by novelist Garet Garrett, who saw Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency as a revolutionary development that gutted American freedom while leaving the superficial form of the Constitution intact, and who was perhaps “even harsher” in opposing Truman’s Cold War imperialism. Justin regarded the irreconcilable conflict between interventionists and traditionalists as the defining struggle over the heart and soul of American conservatism.

Because of his strong antiwar views, Justin also supported Pat Buchanan three times in his run for President of the United States: 1992, 1996, and 2000. In 2000, Justin gave the nominating speech for Pat Buchanan at the Reform Party convention in Long Beach. It can be seen here from 1:19:00 to 1:32:02.

Source: Justin Raimondo, RIP (1951-2019) – Antiwar.com Original

China and the New Cold War – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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Originally published June 17, 1999: As we head into the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square and the inevitable orgy of China-bashing, it is well worth rereading Justin Raimondo’s prescient and well-researched article from the 10th anniversary in 1999. 20 years later, it holds up remarkably well.

The burst of good old-fashioned “isolationism” on the Right that followed the implosion of Communism and the end of the Cold War is in danger of sputtering to an abrupt halt. From Pat Buchanan to Gary Bauer to the congressional Republican leadership, just about every political leader and ideologue of a conservative hue has been snookered by a concerted campaign to demonize China as the new Evil Empire. A grand coalition that spans the spectrum, from the AFL-CIO to the American Conservative Union, is beating the drums for war with China.

Source: China and the New Cold War – Antiwar.com Original

Venezuelan Stand-Off – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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The war over Venezuela is about to take a new turn, with most of the fighting taking place in the form of dueling policy papers while the soldiers on both sides of the barricades are stuck in the trenches, not attacking but merely defending what they already have.

Insofar as the rebels are concerned, their assets consist chiefly of a Potemkin Village of international endorsements from American allies and the American media. These are the so-called Sofa Samurai, which were supposed to be hailing the would-be success of “President” Juan Guaido as his civilian partisans appealed to the military to switch sides and align themselves with “the people.”

Yet these wannabe Samurai never seemed to get off the sofa: ignored and jeered at by the military, they have focused their efforts on the American embassy in Caracas where an ongoing back-and-forth has been taking place, but only minor violence. The rebels were slated to march to the Embassy while cheering crowds were supposedly scheduled to greet them with flowers. None of that happened. Instead, the jeering continued and there was no break in the stand-off.

Source: Venezuelan Stand-Off – Antiwar.com Original

Will the Real Moron Please Stand Up? – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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“I wonder how he goes to work every day,” says a longtime aide to John Bolton, “because deep in his heart he believes the President is a moron.”

The joke is on Bolton. Having been handed a near impossible task in overthrowing the leftist regimes of Venezuela and Nicaragua, Bolton and his little neocon cabal have been set up for failure – and Trump doesn’t like failure. When it comes to neocon foreign policy, you can reverse the Trumpism that the President adorns his speeches with: Are you tired of losing yet?

And defeat looms large in the neocon effort to bring down Maduro.

Wednesday (May 1) was supposed to be the Day of Revolution in which the Yankee running dogs of imperialism were supposed to be defeated and run out of the country.

It didn’t happen.

Instead, one person was killed, dozens were injured and the Revolution was aborted.

Source: Will the Real Moron Please Stand Up? – Antiwar.com Original

In the Beginning There Was Kosovo – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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Those were the Good Old Days – when the United States could credibly keep up the pretense of being the agency of moral rectitude, the heroes who come over the hill and, at the last minute, save the day from the savagery of the Orcs and the forces of Mordor.

Oh really?, said my young friend, who knows only what he can glean from the Dark Days that are now upon us. In the distance, the low rumble of thunder. Or is it the sound of the battle inching forward …?

Oh yes, we were the Good Guys. Swooping down over a nation once called Yugoslavia, where atrocities were said to be watering the trees with the blood of children. We fought in the name of refugees seeking to reclaim what their Kosovar mythology depicted as their ancient homeland. It was only that anachronistic artifact of racist oppression – a wall – that kept them on what had been their side since the Great War destroyed the order of things.

Source: In the Beginning There Was Kosovo – Antiwar.com Original

Julian Assange and the Sins of the World – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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There’s only been one person – so far – who suffered for the sins of the world and either saved us a lot of trouble or else caused us a lot of unnecessary grief. All I know is that a lot of people are hoping for His return – and for a better outcome.

As for myself, I fully expect a repeat of the previous scenario: the message, the betrayal, the persecution, and a torturous death.

They isolated Julian in the days before they hauled him out for the public display of his martyrdom. No crucifix this time. No crown of thorns. Just a penumbra of the deepest silence, which grips the very air: yet still he remains unbowed, his head held high.

Source: Julian Assange and the Sins of the World – Antiwar.com Original

Our Victory – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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The country might have saved itself a lot of angst if only my column of December 12, 2016, had been taken as proven fact, in which case all the principal actors in the Russia-gate scheme to take down the President would be behind bars. As the President bluntly put it, the phony collusion charges were a brazen attempt to overthrow the government of the United States.

How did I know this? Just look at the tweet I have pinned at the top of my Twitter feed: “Where’s the evidence?”

The spooks were arguing that they had “scientifically” determined the identity of the hackers, an elite Russian cyber-brigade geared up and ready for combat. These left electronic fingerprints and even the most obvious clues: one incursion was memorialized with the name of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the notoriously brutal and Simon-pure head of the KGB. This was more than a mere hint. Someone wanted to get “caught.”

Source: Our Victory – Antiwar.com Original

Defeating the Counterrevolution – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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It was a close call. We barely escaped losing our old republic and succumbing to rule by an unelected bureaucracy of intelligence officials. A “special counsel” – a creature with not a lick of constitutional legitimacy – was given de facto unlimited power and allowed to run rampant through official Washington, settling old scores, and creating some new ones. Lives were destroyed – innocent lives, of which there are few and far between in that vicinity – and dragged through the muck and mire. Demagogues, armed with one of the least plausible conspiracy theories of all time, drew up new rules whereby one measured truth or falsehood. These were the Bizarro World rules, which operate on the general principle of the least evidence there is for a proposition the more likely it is to be true.

It was and is a conspiracy theory built largely around the conceit of the perpetrators. After all, how could their candidate – smooth, (over-prepared), backed by over a billion bucks, leading in every poll, and so obviously destined to take the prize – wind up defeated?

Source: Defeating the Counterrevolution – Antiwar.com Original

Mystery in Madrid: Who Raided the North Korean Embassy – and Why? – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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Of course it was just a coincidence that the first organized attack on a North Korean facility by internal rebels (supposedly) took place days before the scheduled North Korean-US summit in Hanoi. Ten masked men stole computers, interrogated North Korean officials, and drove off in a number of luxury cars. Credit was taken by a group that calls itself Chollima.

Despite constantly being told by the Western media that this is a totally unknown group, to anyone who knows the least bit about Korean history, this is laughable. In the mid-1950s, China’s “Great Leap Forward” was in progress, and Chollima was the Korean equivalent. It means “speed” of an unusual sort, and the symbolism was based on a mythological winged horse that could supposedly gallop at one thousand li (over a mile) a minute.

Since the North had limited physical resources, the idea was to overcome this by sheer ideological zeal. In short, Chollima was never some secret movement in opposition to the regime, but was instead a state-sponsored phenomenon from start to finish. “Chollima” is what they call their state soccer team.

Source: Mystery in Madrid: Who Raided the North Korean Embassy – and Why? – Antiwar.com Original

The Western Gaze: Look Toward the East – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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As the leaders of the two most powerful nations on earth meet in a city that was once the center of resistance to Western dominance of the region, it is being pointedly ignored in Washington, DC, to the extent such an extraordinary event can be ignored. Instead, the petty complaints of partisan hacks and wide-eyed conspiracy theorists have taken center stage. A discredited lawyer whose lies no one takes seriously, and yet whose every word is pored over as if it were a revelation from on high, is treated as a credible source, while the ruler of a desperately poor country furiously signaling he wants to chart a new course is ignored, ridiculed, and threatened.

The President is withdrawing from Afghanistan and getting the heck out of Syria, having defeated ISIS and saved the last bastion of Christianity from being enslaved by the Islamic “Caliphate.” And so what is the media focusing on? The fake regime change operation in Venezuela, which is – like so much of what the President says and does – lots of smoke and mirrors and very little action.

Source: The Western Gaze: Look Toward the East – Antiwar.com Original

The Chef Boyardee War: Venezuela’s Clueless Opposition – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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My contrarian view of Venezuela’s regime change drama – that it’s regime change theater put on by President Trump for purely domestic political reasons – was confirmed on the big day when the conflict was supposed to come to a head, when the looming confrontation proved to be … dueling concerts! Regime change as entertainment – there’s something so American about that.

What the heck, a little music is what every regime change operation needs: however, the theme song of this one is turning out to be more John Cage than John Philip Sousa. Instead of “President” Guaidó rallying his forces and leading them into battle, he’s trying to cross a bridge that has never been used with 1000 cans of Chef Boyardee, 500 cartons of mac-and-cheese, and enough airline “food” (courtesy of Richard Branson) to kill off a number of Chavistas.

Source: The Chef Boyardee War: Venezuela’s Clueless Opposition – Antiwar.com Original

Why I Got Trump Right – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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The sharp and frankly astonished reaction to my embrace of President Trump’s “America First” foreign policy did not surprise me. I have to admit, however, that the anger that accompanied it made me take a step or two back. The passion with which the hand-wringing Never Trumpers denounced me as a traitor had behind it a special force, the moral certainty of morons. Trump, they declared with the confidence of one who is merely stating an axiom beyond dispute, will most certainly start World War III! But you can really be too harsh on them. After all, who could have known that, once in office, he would withdraw from the major theaters of the Bush era and do his best to retract the horns of the American bull after rampaging throughout much of the world?

Who, that is, besides myself?

Okay, so I was right about Trump in taking his America First rhetoric seriously and my libertarian and peacenik critics were wrong. Yet even to this day we see no acknowledgment from these geniuses of just how wrong they were, no evidence that they are close to understanding why and how they missed it. After all, their characterization of Trump as a warmongering ogre turned out to be the complete opposite of the reality. As Trump dismantles the Cold War architecture that empowers and justifies the national security state, as I predicted he would, one has to wonder: what is preventing otherwise reasonable people from seeing what is plainly unfolding in the era of Trump – a new age of peace and prosperity?

Source: Why I Got Trump Right – Antiwar.com Original

The Humbling of Emmanuel Macron – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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The EU was a joint project of Euro-intellectuals who wanted a super-socialist State and were afraid Europeans might turn away from “Europe.” They sought to create an ersatz Euro-nationalism that has still only caught on among deracinated yuppies and oligarchs, if anyone at all. What they wanted and still want is what every true state has – an army. Which Macron has been agitating about for some time now. He doesn’t want to persuade Italy and Poland and Hungary to take more refugees – he wants to force them. Even more, he wants a reliable force to crush domestic protests, one that is unlikely to sympathize with the protesters.

Source: The Humbling of Emmanuel Macron – Antiwar.com Original

Harbinger of a New Age – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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Against the outcries and warnings of the mandarins of the establishment, the President is withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan. America’s longest war ends in a in a deal that was offered years ago but was rejected by the same dead-enders in the Pentagon who are pouting mightily at the moment.

Meanwhile Trump continues to hurl regular fusillades at deadbeat NATO, and, most important of all, he continues the process begun at Singapore – pulling the rug out from under a longtime bastion of the military-industrial complex. His meetings with Kim Jong un are a dire threat to the incredibly lucrative cornucopia of cash, careers, and elite prestige that comes out of that long-frozen conflict to this day.

That’s where the chorus of opposition is coming from and, the closer the Koreans get to an agreement, every kind of (state-sponsored) “@expert” is bound to pop out of the wall averring that no agreement is possible.

Source: Harbinger of a New Age – Antiwar.com Original

The End of the Weekly Standard – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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The rumored demise of the Weekly Standard is yet another of Donald J. Trump’s achievements that will go uncelebrated by his liberal enemies: indeed, they are even now mourning the death of the neoconservative flagship as they never did when it was at the height of its maleficent glory.

And of course neoconservatism’s many fellow-travelers are out there with panegyrics. It “stood up for conservative principle” in the age of Trump, writes Meghan McArdle. What principle this might be, Ms. McArdle somehow neglects to say: perhaps it’s a penchant for perpetual war, the only known characteristic this famously eccentric and variable band hold in common. Both McArdle and the editors of the Standard thrilled their readers with stories of the great danger posed by Saddam Hussein, who they told us had nukes hidden beneath his palace ready to launch at a moment’s notice.

Let’s take a look at the three important roles played by the Standard and its editors in the history of the post-9/11 era.

Source: The End of the Weekly Standard – Antiwar.com Original

Democracy Is Sacred – Except When It Isn’t – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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On both sides of the Atlantic the regnant elites have launched a furious regime change campaign not all that different from the ones they started in the former Soviet republics. The formula seems to go like this: hold an election in which the full resources of the EU states and their upper classes are brought to bear on one side of the question. Vilify dissenters as more than likely agents of Vladimir Putin.

On the British side the government of Prime Minister Theresa May, which has been all along pretending to be in favor the people’s decision to leave the EU, has effectively sabotaged the process with so many exceptions, amendments, other concessions to Brussels that they might as well have stayed in.

Shocked by their defeat, the Remainers have been scheming and plotting and demand a new election – and are presumably willing to keep voting until they get the “right” result.

Source: Democracy Is Sacred – Except When It Isn’t – Antiwar.com Original

Much Ado About Khashoggi – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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The leader of this Muslim country is accused of having people kidnapped and having their organs cut out of their bodies: his political enemies are a rich source of highly profitable commodities, human parts which are sold on the black market. His role as head of state makes his real job as Mafia boss of bosses so much easier – and difficult to bring him to justice.

No, this isn’t about Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince who had domestic critic Jamal Khashnoggi cut up after luring him to the Saudi embassy in Turkey. I’m talking about “President” Hashim Thaci of Kosovo, who was credibly accused of organ-selling by none other than the Council of Europe. Thaci is a literal demonstration of Murray Rothbard’s description of the State as a criminal gang: Thaci is known to control most of the heroin that runs through Europe like a river of death. Yet there he is swanning around just like he’s a normal person. Here he is being honored by the Atlantic Council (i.e. the folks who are censoring Facebook’s political content). Kosovo, which is a full member of NATO, is entirely dependent on what we shell out in “foreign aid” to this caricature of a “country,” The US has known all about Thaci since the Bill Clinton era, when we installed him and his fellow thugs in power. Our relationship with him is no different from our embrace of the Saudis. The only difference is that the spotlight is on one, while the other lives in the shadows. And so, turning to where the spotlight is shining….

Source: Much Ado About Khashoggi – Antiwar.com Original

Pursuing Julian Assange – and the President – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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When the history of American foreign policy and the misery Washington has caused throughout its tenure as world policeman is written, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks will have many entries in the footnotes, not to mention the index. The publication of Chelsea Manning’s treasure trove of US diplomatic history – thousands of cables describing the interactions of US decision-makers with world leaders through the decades – alone gives WikiLeaks the title of most important journalistic outlet of the new millennium. And that is just the crown jewel in a diadem of journalistic triumphs – stinging exposures of the War Party and their corrupt enablers — no other outlet can hope to match. It is therefore with very little surprise that one reads the news that the Justice Department has secretly indicted Assange – and please pay special attention to how that has been revealed.

The New York Times had the scoop: in an unrelated case, the geniuses over at the Justice Department had mistakenly copied phrases from the secret indictment in publicly available court documents.

Source: Pursuing Julian Assange – and the President – Antiwar.com Original

Bolton’s Met His Match – Melania! – Antiwar.com Original

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We don’t really hear all that much about Melania Trump in the media except occasional digs at her immigration status and a few daring photos. That’s because the FLOTUS is one of the few unreservedly good things about this administration, and of course the media doesn’t want to go there. Her grace, her reserve, her remarkable calm at the epicenter of a tumultuous White House, and, strikingly, her sense of style (and I don’t just mean her clothes) puts her on a different plane from the Washington circus that surrounds her.

Source: Bolton’s Met His Match – Melania! – Antiwar.com Original

The Blue Wave of Repression – Antiwar.com Original – Justin Raimondo

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“Patriotism is the opposite of nationalism” bleated the poodle Macron at the Armistice celebration as he yipped and yapped and wagged his tail before the German conqueror of Europe. Meanwhile the Front Nationale outpolled the “mainstream” “centrist” parties in municipal elections for the first time and nationalist Italy is telling the European Union to stay out of its financial affairs.

Despite the best efforts of the Davos crowd, the wave of nationalism that is rising over Europe has global resonance. Nationalism is what’s driving the peace process and reunification effort on the Korean peninsula. Nationalism is what’s defying the pretensions of Spain’s chauvinist government and energizing the Catalonian rebels. Nationalism brought down the Soviet Union: it threatens the EU.

Source: The Blue Wave of Repression – Antiwar.com Original

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