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I am not an admirer of the democratic system as it has has evolved in the United States since the Founding. I am especially opposed to the kind of democratic system that has grown since the start of Lyndon Johnson’s bankrupting and citizenry-enslaving Great Society. As the Founders would have thought, I believe that the current nature of democracy in America is the generator of anarchy, which, in turn, inevitably solidifies the rule of the aspiring tyrants – in this case, the Democratic leaders, the legacy media, and the Media Titans — who are using democracy to produce anarchy and turn the anarchy into a durable and brutal tyranny

The Founders’ likely, and my own absolute opposition to today’s kind of democracy has been verified, for all who care to see and understand, in the denial of civil liberties, due process, and equality before the law to the president of the United States. The importance of the tyrants’ deliberate and destructive rape of the Constitution and the rule of law is a minor annoyance to President Trump, but it is an explicit augury of what the Democratic Party intends to do to any American citizen who objects – or resists – the tyranny they are seeking impose if they achieve national power.

As we slide along into 2020 on the oozing scum relentlessly being spread by the mere existence of the Democrat Party, the Trump Administration is faced with monumental tasks that may well require a declaration of martial law. These include the nation-wide restoration of responsible republican government; the destruction of all state governments that have acted, or threatened to act, unconstitutionally in such areas of immigration; election manipulation; non-citizen voting; blackmailing the federal judiciary and members of Congress; supporting pedophilia and those who practice it; and slowly strangling the  2nd Amendments.

Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution may be the most comprehensively powerful –and strangely neglected – statement of legitimate national government authority. Section 4 simply and clearly states:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

This comprehensive power was placed in the hands of the national government by the Founders and the Constitution, I believe, as a power of absolute last resort, as the nation’s making of war must always be. Section 4 should have been triggered a decade or more ago as the requirements of both of its clauses have been fulfilled. There is no genuine republican government in a number of states – the governments there, in fact, are actively eradicating republicanism and conducting an insurrection – and so each can accurately be described as having been invaded by lethal enemies of republicanism, and so neither the executive or legislature in those states will request the aid of the national government to restore republicanism. The Constitution’s guarantee of republicanism in every state, therefore, can only be secured by destroying those state governments and their insurrection via the unilateral intervention of the national government. Five steps by the national government suggest themselves.

–1.) The republican form of government guaranteed by the Constitution must be forcibly restored in – at least – California, New York, Virginia, and Minnesota. The governors and their cabinets in those states must be arrested not only for failing to maintain republican government, but for trying to destroy it in their states. The mayors, and department heads of such cities as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Oakland, Minneapolis, Richmond, Portland, and San Francisco also must be arrested for the same reason. They should be replaced by trustworthy military officers and troops with the experience in police-like duties and the task of restoring safe and reliable public order and infrastructure operation, talents they gathered in overseas operations. In America, they will have the support and cooperation of most of the well-armed citizenry, unlike in their operations overseas.

–The illegal aliens living in these states and cities must be identified and deported with dispatch – along with their criminality, violence, disease, and illiteracy — by whatever means of transportation come to hand. These people, and all with them, are self-made criminals simply because they crossed America’s northern and southern borders without being authorized to do so by the national government. These self-made criminals are of no legal or humanitarian concern to the United States once they are identified for deportation and, in one way or another, must be pushed across the northern and southern borders into Canada or Mexico.

–Every local police chief and every chief of state police forces in the country must be assessed. If any of them are found to have a record of helping the Democrats to plan and execute mass shootings or refusing to protect the citizenry from the Democratic Party’s terrorist groups – ANTIFA, BLM, MS-13, and BAM – he or she, and the top lieutenants of each, must be arrested for promoting terrorism and immediately incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay. In addition, all members of the named terrorist organizations must be arrested on terrorism charges and incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay. The National Guard’s commanders and his/her staff in each state must be likewise assessed. If they have supported – physically or vocally—unconstitutional activity, they should join those police officials and American-citizen terrorists bound for long stays in sunny Cuba.

–All public and private colleges and universities in the United States must be defunded by the national government for a period of at least five years or until a federal court in each college or university’s vicinity evaluates and confirms that all aspects of the Constitution’s 1st Amendment have been fully restored, protected, and promoted on each campus. Thereafter, and for at least ten consecutive years, each college and university must be annually certified by the court as having fully maintained, protected, and promoted all liberties cited and guaranteed in the 1st Amendment.

–All members of the governing elite — including elected officials and federal civil servants — who have sought and received monetary, propaganda, media, or political support from the regimes or citizens of China, Ukraine, Russia, Britain, Italy, Germany, Israel, or other foreign nations to defeat presidential-Trump candidate or the legitimately elected Trump Administration must be arrested, transported to Guantanamo Bay, turned over to military tribunals for trial, and immediately executed if found guilty.

The recommendations above may, and perhaps should, strike readers as extreme. They strike me that way. Still, is there anything more extreme than 38 consecutive months of the Democratic Party, the Media Titans, and the assorted crazed and criminal members of the Democratic congressional contingent deliberately robbing the republic of more than three years of its life. These miscreants have worked to destroy social cohesion and censor free speech; prevented the greater growth of the economy; blocked the complete elimination of the inflow of illegal aliens; stopped additional reductions in the unemployment and poverty rates; obstructed the termination of the Democrats’ and establishment-Republicans’ unnecessary and unconstitutional wars and their sending of many tens of billions of dollars in aid for foreigners, while Americans at home are malnourished and their infrastructure is left unbuilt; and prevented additional tax cuts for all Americans. Worse, they and their foreign allies have, since 2016, worked with great determination to overthrow the entire republican system of government in the United States. Is there a punishment too severe for this anti-American behavior? I think there is not, no matter how bloody.

Several hundred years ago, a distinguished Jesuit priest named Balthasar Grecian – a strong, honest, and learned man, unlike today’s effeminate, pro-depravity, anti-America Jesuits and their Clown-Socialist-Pope – wrote a book of maxims about how life should be lived, one of which is particularly pertinent to the situation that the pro-Constitution American citizenry faces today. “A happy finish makes everything shine,” Fr. Grecian advised, “no matter how unfitting the means may have been. Which explains why at times it should be a rule to offend the rules when it is not possible by other means to attain a happy ending.” (2)

Enough is enough. The U.S. Constitution clearly prescribes the proper rules for ending America’s current insurrection. Given that fact, the Trump administration is obligated by the Constitution to use effective force to end the insurrection and restore republican government nationwide. If the loyal parts of the U.S. military need help in accomplishing these ends, there is an enormous the pool of former and combat-experienced soldiers and Marines to draw from, and an even larger body of private and well-armed male and female citizens who are willing to join militia units.

Source: Must martial law be applied against the insurrection in 2020? | Non-Intervention2

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