Will “No Deal” Brexit Cause “Horrible Chaos” as Globalist Elites Claim? – William F. Jasper

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has wasted the better part of two years in pointless “negotiations” with EU officials who let it be known from the start that they were unwilling to yield on any of the important points that May claimed to be negotiating. Now, with less than 100 days left until the March 29 deadline that May imposed, she insists that she will still be negotiating for better terms during the Christmas break. She also is, she says, cranking up emergency preparations for a “no deal exit,” in case she fails to win the concessions from the EU that will help her win approval from Parliament for her fake Brexit deal in January. Miracles do happen, but it is highly unlikely that the Almighty will bless her with one for her deceptive and ill-conceived agreement.

Thus, the Project Fear II propaganda campaign is in full swing, as globalists try to scare British voters into reversing Brexit, the 2016 referendum decision to exit the European Union. It is a replay of Project Fear, the fright-peddling scheme of then-Prime Minister David Cameron and a vast array of the great and the good (President Obama, Angela Merkel, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, the New York TimesFinancial TimesWall Street Journal, BBC, CNN, Bank of England, IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, etc.,) that warned if British voters approved the Brexit, the results would nothing less than apocalyptic. The sky would fall, markets would crash, currencies would collapse, the Great Depression would return, riots would ensue — and on and on. (For our coverage of Project Fear see hereherehere, and here.)

Source: Will “No Deal” Brexit Cause “Horrible Chaos” as Globalist Elites Claim?

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