Why Did FBI-DOJ Give Comey Special Treatment for $2 Million Book Deal?

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Judicial Watch filed suit against the Justice Department for documents related to James Comey’s new book, as holdovers from the Obama administration at the DOJ and FBI continue to thwart the Trump administration and members of Congress who are attempting to drain the swamp.

On April 17, Judicial Watch, the public watchdog legal group, announced that it had just filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Justice Department for FBI prepublication review and other records about former FBI Director James Comey’s book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership. The book was released, amidst much media hoopla, on April 17 (see our coverage here and here) and the former FBI chief fired by President Trump has been doing the revenge circuit, blasting the president in a heavy schedule of interviews with all of the media outfits Trump has dissed as “Fake News.”

Source: Why Did FBI-DOJ Give Comey Special Treatment for $2 Million Book Deal?

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