US-North Korea: What Is Trump Planning? Is a Trump-Kim Meeting Likely?

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Even while denouncing the North Korean regime and publicly insulting its “supreme leader,” Trump the deal-maker has repeatedly said he is willing to meet and talk with Kim. During a May 2016 interview with Reuters, Trump was asked if he would be willing to meet and talk with Kim Jong-un. “Why not? What is wrong with talking?” Trump was quoted as saying. He said he wanted to talk Kim into giving up his “damned nukes,” even if it were unlikely Kim would actually do so. He said he would even invite the North Korean leader to Washington, although he wouldn’t accord him full head-of-state dignities. “I won’t host a state dinner for him. Same goes for the Chinese and others who rip us off,” Trump said. Rather, he said the communist leaders would be served hamburgers — at a conference table.

Source: US-North Korea: What Is Trump Planning? Is a Trump-Kim Meeting Likely?

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