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The televised impeachment hearings this past week will be very useful for the American people. What each witness said will help the citizenry understand part of the reason why the United States gets into so many wars — U.S. diplomats side with foreign leaders — and why their taxes are spent and wasted in foreign countries, and always are channeled to the local favorites of the Democratic party, particularly to George Soros’s network of subversive, anti-U.S. organizations.

Posing as a demure, Shirley Temple-like innocent, the fierce Democratic partisan Yovanovitch, in particular, explained this to Americans. After preaching to the committee that no government should be allowed to interfere in the elections of another country, she admitted under oath that neither she nor her embassy staff made a single attempt to stop either the then-Ukrainian government’s long and vicious campaign of public attacks on candidate Donald Trump, or its creation of the false evidence which it provided to the FBI to nail Paul Manafort. I wonder how much of a gratuity she got from George Soros and/or Hillary Clinton for doing nothing to protest the pro-Clinton, Ukrainian government’s rhetorical and material intervention in the 2016 election? Yavanovitch also is reported to have arranged the electronic monitoring of U.S. journalists working in Ukraine to investigate the crimes there of the Clinton Foundation, Burisma Energy, and the flamboyant and hysterically inept Biden criminal family.

A few other points about the hearings are worth noting:

–Taylor (who worked for Soros-funded groups), Kent, and Yovanovitch provided no information about improper behavior by President Trump. They did, however, present endless and self-aggrandizing personal views about how U.S. foreign policy should be conducted, as well as their intense resentment of the President for not agreeing with, and following in an unquestioning manner, their sage advice based on long experience. They also resented the President and his advisers for ignoring “inter-agency policy agreements” on which of his policies should be followed and which to ignore. In short, these three senior time-servers were claiming that only senior bureaucrats, rather than the constitutionally designated elected official, ought to formulate and manage U.S. foreign policy.

In my own experience, the inter-agency process is designed for only one purpose, and that is to prevent the full and immediate application of policies that the president has directed to be pursued. During the Soviet-Afghan Communist-Mujahedin War (1979 to 1992), for example, only CIA and NSA reliably labored to implement President Reagan’s policy of driving the Red Army from Afghanistan. The State Department led the effort of other agencies to slow-roll or derail Reagan’s orders in order to protect the Democrats’ beloved Gorbachev and his barbarous Soviet regime. This resistance to Reagan also wanted to provide weapons not to men who would kill Soviets, but to Afghanistan’s Gucci guerrillas, corrupt men who wore suits; talked a lot, often in English; ran heroin internationally; and fought not at all.

–This loathsome diplomat threesome also underscored the enormous difference between Trump’s “America First” foreign policy and their “Ukraine First” foreign policy. Not one of the diplomats could find fault in anything the Ukrainian government wanted U.S. taxpayers to finance. Indeed, they were upset that working stiffs in the United States have not been forced to fork over more of their taxes to help Democratic-allied diplomats like themselves to pal around with the generally corrupt Ukrainian elite, while allowing the latter to stuff their private bank accounts with U.S. tax dollars. This sort of behavior is common to all U.S. diplomats and especially those of ambassadorial rank. They do not represent the republic, but rather the foreign government to which they are accredited. For these people, who are falsely identified as loyal U.S. ambassadors, America is never right and never, ever first. Once installed in a foreign capital, they are the ambassador of the local government – rich, poor, democratic, authoritarian, or tyrannical — in its unending campaign to extort as much money, military assistance, loan guarantees, and other booty from the U.S. government and people as possible. They also actively belittle the president to local government officials and political leaders and assure them it is safe to ignore what he says. Overall, U.S. ambassadors are a lethal, anti-U.S. cult of the savagely self-interested.

Source: U.S. diplomats are among the republic’s worst enemies | Non-Intervention2

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