Trump’s Strong Stand Forces Mexico to Enforce Law, “Caravan” Invasion Begins to Splinter

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Aerial photos of the migrant “caravan” marching northward across Mexico looked frighteningly reminiscent of the long lines of tens of thousands of Muslim migrants from the Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan that invaded Europe during the “refugee crisis” of 2015. News stories of the pedestrian caravan, numbering more than 1,200 individuals, first appeared on March 30. The left-wing news site BuzzFeed provided one of the earliest reports, a sympathetic article by Adolfo Flores entitled, “A Huge Caravan Of Central Americans Is Headed For The US, And No One In Mexico Dares To Stop Them.” As Flores pointed out, Mexican authorities had taken a hands-off approach to the caravan, composed mostly of Hondurans, which had started at Mexico’s southern border, in violation of Mexico’s own strict immigration laws. Organizers of the caravan told BuzzFeed that, upon arriving at the U.S. border, they intended to either ask for asylum or refugee status, or to sneak across illegally.

Source: Trump’s Strong Stand Forces Mexico to Enforce Law, “Caravan” Invasion Begins to Splinter

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