Trump’s plans for troop withdrawal and the wall will protect America against Islamists | Non-Intervention – Michael Scheuer

Since my last piece, the anti-Americans, Neocons, Israel Firsters, and former Obamaites have — like slugs — continued to slither forth and attack President Trump for deciding to evacuate U.S. troops from Syria and then Afghanistan. So far, the new wave of slugs includes Michael Bloomberg, Thomas Friedman, Eugene Robinson, Robert Kuttner, and the prison-bound, Obama-apologist Susan Rice, all of whom have damned Mr. Trump. David Ignatius also has returned for a second attack on the president. Ignatius apparently is taking over from the geriatric and clueless Bob Woodward as the Deep State’s most-favored, foolish, and fully controlled court historian.

Not to be outdone, FOX News is rolling out retired General Jack Keane at regular intervals to attack President Trump for not being smart enough to use the notorious bureaucratic-snare for prolonging unnecessary wars known as the “national security decision-making process”, and then accept its advice about what to do in Syria and Afghanistan. If used, this process would yield three easily predictable words of advice “stay the course”, this is because what that process inevitably wants is more war.

Source: Trump’s plans for troop withdrawal and the wall will protect America against Islamists | Non-Intervention2

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