Time Now for LaRouche’s Economic Policies | Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth

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Many of the Wall Street neo-liberals and speculators benefiting most from the increased flow of funds into the stock market not only opposed Trump during his campaign, but have played a leading role in disrupting his presidency, and limiting his ability to follow through with his campaign pledges, using the fraudulent narrative of Russiagate to constrain him. You might say they are betting the house that they can keep him on this course, and away from the anti-Wall Street insurgency that carried him into the White House. What they fear most is that Trump will not only engage in populist anti-Wall Street rhetoric, but will implement anti-Depression policies similar to those of Franklin D. Roosevelt, which have been revived by economist Lyndon LaRouche, in his Four Basic Laws.

Source: Time Now for LaRouche’s Economic Policies | Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth

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