Time for Americans to observe a “Decuple-Holocaust Remembrance Day” | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

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I would propose, then, that the Congress officially designate January 22nd – the day Roe-v-Wade was decided by the Supreme Court — as America’s official “Decuple-Holocaust Remembrance Day”. It would be a day of reflection, solemnity, and deep shame for Americans, who have thus far failed to stop the unprecedented slaughter, and now see that the process of annihilation begun in 1973 is progressing to the murder of the just born and the dismembering of these dead Americans so that their well-developed body parts can be sold for profit. It also will be day of wonder, a wonder focused on why most of those Americans who mourn their own losses on their own “Holocaust Day” can, at the same time, be full-throated, whole-hearted, and rhetorically vicious defenders of laws that authorized the murder of 60 million fellow Americans, and made the republic’s Decuple-Holocaust Remembrance Day a necessity. One can only conclude that, for those phony mourners, the public use of the phrases “never again” and “never forget” are simply theatrical, and so amount to meaningless cant meant to keep cultivating guilt in Americans and to extort foreign aid for Israel from the Congress.

Source: Time for Americans to observe a “Decuple-Holocaust Remembrance Day” | Non-Intervention2

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