There can be no unity with these Democrats, the only options are their arrest and trial, or civil war | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

I have previously written on this issue in this space. I do so again now because of the steady stream of cant coming from FOX News citing the need for immediate “unity” between the two parties, and the need for the both parties to cooperate in Congress and “work for the good of the American people” has gone on for far too long. Whatever the hopes of FOX News and its leaders, the truth should, once in a while, be inserted into the network’s broadcasts. In this case, the truth is that, as of this writing, there appears to be no possible ground for compromise between any Democrat and middle-class and blue-collar citizens.

Why? A half-century of Democratic programs and wars – often supported by part of the Republican party and much of the media. From the clear unconstitutionality of hate-speech laws, Obama’s numerous unconstitutional diktats, and all wars that are entered into without a formal declaration of war by Congress, to the priority that now is given to awarding college admission on the basis of race, gender, geographical location, and – unbelievably – sexual deviance, the illegality and lack of fairness in the land is stunning and is most damaging to middle-class and blue-collar families because they do not have the money to fight those who have, through legislation, bribery, and a supine Supreme Court, integrated so much discrimination into the Constitution. Those on the short end of this stick see no point in cooperating with their tormentors because their pledges always are worthless, and because they are protected by their own vast wealth, the governments and courts they own, and their advertisement of their lethal capabilities and intent via the never-investigated and growing trail of corpses — which today includes their child procurer Jeffrey Epstein — that leads back to the gunmen employed and directed by the Clinton/Obama-built deep state

Source: There can be no unity with these Democrats, the only options are their arrest and trial, or civil war | Non-Intervention2

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