The U.S. governing elite’s lethal hatred for Americans cannot be overstated | Non-Intervention2 – Michael F. Scheuer

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The intense hatred of the bipartisan U.S. governing elite for the citizenry is overwhelming. It simply cannot be either overstated or over reacted to. Hatred of this sort cannot be tempered or renounced, it must be eradicated root and branch by any means necessary, even hate-filled Democrat by hate-filled Democrat if only that action can turn the trick.

Faced with the governing elite’s – and especially that of the Democrats’ — just-documented hatred for those they govern and the Constitution; their undeniable love for the illegal aliens who are killing and dismembering legal U.S. citizens and subverting their elections; foreigners who are endlessly rewarded with the earnings of American labor and the blood and limbs of American children; and foreign, often anti-American nations (Israel and some of the NATO states, for example) that are better treated and defended than the American people, the Democrats cannot be allowed to inhabit the White House even if they win in 2020, or ever again. That can only be done by the citizenry’s willingness to use their only remaining tool against this lethal but easily identifiable enemy. “Arguably,” Jacob G. Hornberger, wrote in November, 2004,

Source: The U.S. governing elite’s lethal hatred for Americans cannot be overstated | Non-Intervention2

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