The U.S. Congress is the agent of a foreign power named Israel | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

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The enduring and still horrible memory of the film of the judges in action makes it rather startling to see two Jewish-American Democratic congressmen act so much like those Nazi judges since becoming heads of congressional committees. Both Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler are now publicly behaving in much the same arrogant and flamboyantly cruel manner as the hanging-judges in Hitler’s service. After designating human targets for removal, the Nazi judges and the regime’s prosecutors made up dossiers of false events and fabricated evidence, photographs, and testimonies. They then identified this body of lies as “proof”, and convicted the targeted individual, who was then sent to prison or, more often, to death. This was a swift and efficient legal system, but it had nothing, of course, to do with justice.

We have now seen much of Adam Schiff. Nearly three years of his frantic, guilty-like behavior, bulging, frightened eyes, cascades of highly classified leaks, and accumulating internet reporting about his own illegal and deviant actions. Like Nazi judges, Shiff maintains a smug and condescending presence in the Congress and media, apparently believing the swamp is all powerful and eternal, the same attitude that Nazi judges mistakenly held about the thousand year Reich.

Source: The U.S. Congress is the agent of a foreign power named Israel | Non-Intervention2

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