The main Iranian threat was built by Mexico, Congress, and U.S. business | Non-Intervention2 – Michael F. Scheuer

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Seldom do concurrent events give U.S. citizens a chance to see the stubborn and uncaring-for-Americans stupidity of the designers of the national government’s foreign policy. But, today, such a situation has occurred and the asinine nature of U.S. foreign policy can be seen in brilliant clarity on the oddly related issues of Iran and Mexico.

This year is the 40th anniversary of President Crater’s decision to make Iran the permanent enemy of the United States. Instead of, say, sinking Iran’s entire navy or destroying its entire air force as rapidly as possible after the Iranians took the U.S. diplomatic hostages, Carter diddled as the mullahs consolidated power. Such military action would have forced Tehran’s hand, it would have had to choose to either release or kill the hostages. If they were released, Carter could have responded by ceasing military action. If they were killed, he could have completed the annihilation of the remainder of Iran’s military, as well as its oil pipelines and ocean-going tankers.

Source: The main Iranian threat was built by Mexico, Congress, and U.S. business | Non-Intervention2

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