The Korea Summit: Skeptics Gloated Too Soon – Original

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President Trump’s sudden cancellation of the Singapore Summit had his enemies, left and right, ecstatically tweeting “I told you so!” In all the domains of Hate-on-Trump-landia, from the neoconservative netherworld of the Weekly Standard to the highfalutin liberal highlands of The New Yorker, the gloating rose up into the stratosphere like a mushroom cloud, blotting out the sunny optimism that had previously prevailed. A more unseemly spectacle would be hard to imagine, but this level of nastiness is now considered normal in Washington, D.C.

Brushing aside Korean public opinion, which is overwhelmingly supportive of the peace initiative, #TheResistance only lives to see the President fail. Peace on the peninsula? Who cares?! All they care about is ousting Trump and retaking a White House they claim was stolen from them – because the Russians somehow hypnotized John Podesta into making “password” the password to his sensitive emails. Yes, these are the people who feel entitled to run the country.

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