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This is the first of four articles I plan to write over the summer on the fact that history always repeats itself, primarily because human nature never changes. Almost all American children schooled in the post-1945 era have been taught that history never repeats itself. That is a lie, of course, but it has been drummed into young heads for 75 years, and now it is constantly parroted by those who are said to be well-educated professionals, such as university historians, leading politicians, and general officers. These creatures, of course, have flocked to interpret U.S. history in terms identical to the Democratic Party’s most extreme ideologues, specializing in the “deconstruction” of U.S. history, which is simply replacing truth with lies and hate.

The pieces I plan to write will focus on the unchanging nature of the Democratic Party, comparing that party in the antebellum and Civil War/Reconstruction period – roughly 183o-1877 – and the party’s history from 1963 to today. The specific topics to be looked at are the party’s approach to (a) nullification and secession; (b) slavery; (e) the electoral college, the Union, and the ballot; and (d) the use of history.

–Part 1: Nullification and Secession

Source: The Democrats are proving that history always repeats itself | Non-Intervention2

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