The Democratic Party will get the civil war it wants | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

Two-plus years of the republic’s life have been stolen on the basis of criminal investigation that had no predicate crime to justify its operations. In other words, it operated on the basis of nothing, no basis whatsoever. Like Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, U.S. investigators targeted the man they want to destroy and then worked to frame a crime for his demise. They also enlisted multiple foreign powers to help them execute their framing project, an action both treasonous and gallows-worthy

But the rigged criminal investigation – like the Nazi Democrat’s rigged 2016 election – failed, and the target was exonerated. All Americans with commonsense know that in the American legal system the prosecutor must make a decision on the evidence he gathers. He either indicts or does not indict. In the latter case, the prosecutor traditionally simply says little or nothing so not to defame the non-indicted, and, therefore, innocent target.

In the present case, a supposedly splendid legal mind said he could not indict or exonerate the target, which is a lie on its face. He did not indict the target because there is no evidence to do so. Again, the rigged investigation failed.

Source: The Democratic Party will get the civil war it wants | Non-Intervention2

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