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It’s a shame to see NBC act as a willing dupe for illegal leakers in the office of Special Counsel, but their most recent report must be rebutted because it takes things out of context and failed to include my categorical “on-the-record” denial of any inference that I received any heads-up from Dr. Jerome Corsi specifically that John Podesta’s emails had been acquired and would be published by Wikileaks. I don’t know that Dr. Corsi has testified to the contrary.

The report by NBC appears to contradict everything that Corsi has now contradicted everything he has written in numerous columns, and said previously in interviews. It is important to know however that Corsi has denied any contact with Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

To be clear, Dr. Corsi is a great writer and has been a good friend.  He is an extraordinary writer and researcher. He helped me enormously with my books, being a more experienced writer and New York Times best seller (as am I).  He is a fine drinking companion, except when he has had too many. More recently, he has been absorbed in the world of QAnon and 4Chan.  A deep world of conspiracy theories and extremists who say, among other things, that I am both a stooge for the Mossad and a longtime CIA operative.

Source: Roger Stone Rebuts Special Counsel Leaks | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

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