Rhymes with Hate | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

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For almost two years now a screeching, squealing would-be political lynch mob of deceitful partisan degenerates has managed to invent, promote, proliferate and perpetuate the most brazen coordinated mass fraud ever inflicted on the American public in our nation’s history.

Of course I speak of the malicious concoction better known as the Obama-Clinton-DNC Russia collusion hoax.

Amplified 24/7 by effete Trump-deranged corporate media megaphonies, the collusion hoaxsters have extracted significant political value in the diversion, distraction, defamation and disinformation that their cynical scam has enabled them to propagate at the expense of political adversaries who rightfully handed these corrupt, arrogant elites their asses in the historic election of 2016.

Source: Rhymes with Hate | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

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