Robert Parry, “The Gift Outright”

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Another Robert — the poet Frost — recited that poem at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration: “Such as we were we gave ourselves outright.”The words apply well to Robert Parry, who died last night.  Truly, such as he was, he gave himself outright — as the consummate journalist.  Robert Frost won four Pulitzers for poetry; Robert Parry was deserving of at least four for journalism.Oddly, in today’s corrupt journalistic circles, his uncompromising adherence to  professional standards marginalized Robert Parry and made him a pariah rather than an honoree.  But common to Frost and Parry was an incorruptible individuality impervious to the compromises Robert Parry watched men and women of lesser character succumb to over the past three decades.

Source: Ray McGovern

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