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In an interview with NPR this week, I commented that the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee’s request for me to produce my personal documents in its investigation of the Russia collusion hoax was so broad and comprehensive as to be an onerous burden, one that would result in my having to turn over literally hundreds of thousands of pages.

Since nothing in the law requires such documents to be submitted in electronic form, I mused that I may elect to have them all printed out and trucked to Washington (likely filling two tractor-trailers), to illustrate just how voluminous and burdensome the scope of their request really is.

Although there have been a flurry of media reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now “focused” on me, I have never even heard from Mueller or his office, nor have I received any requests from them for documents or anything else, for that matter.  I said as much in every interview that has ever asked me about it and nowhere has anything been reported to the contrary.

Source: RAW STORY FAKE NEWS | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

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