OECD Calls for Higher Energy Taxes “To Address Climate Change”

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“Governments should make better use of energy taxation to address climate change,” declares a press statement issued on February 14 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Translation: The OECD is pushing for still higher carbon taxes —

• despite the fact that the OECD countries — especially those within the European Union — already pay some of the highest energy taxes in the world;

• despite the fact that there has been no measurable global warming in 20 years;

• despite the fact that carbon taxes and skyrocketing energy prices are causing businesses to flee Europe and other OECD economies; and

• despite the fact that EU’s phony “clean energy” agenda has made EU countries more dependent on Russia and other foreign energy producers.

Source: OECD Calls for Higher Energy Taxes “To Address Climate Change”

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