Not Mitt, Again…..3 time Loser Now Muscles LDS! – STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS

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This past week it has come to the public light that all those that would plan to run have been threatened and told to stand down by the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor.  Names such as Boyd Matheson, Rob Bishop, Chris Stewart, Greg Hughes, Mia Love,  Jason Chaffetz and a long line of other public servants were leading names that deserved a chance at this seat.  Why would there only be one name set forth?  Collusion with those that only want Romney.

The Governor has become in the back ground the deal broker for Mitt Romney.  He has worked to lock up all the donation money, and counties in all of Utah in favor of Mitt Romney’s senate bid.

Source: Not Mitt, Again…..3 time Loser Now Muscles LDS! – STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS

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