News With Views | Why Force America To Be The World’s Charity Ward?

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At the end of the last year of our first “anchor baby” president, he allowed over 65,000 children to invade our borders.  He watched them, in conjunction with Mexico’s president, who helped that massive entourage—-stampede into our country.  When not stopped by our U.S. Border Patrol at the border and turned back because of our “anchor baby” president’s orders to disregard our laws, we, the American taxpayer paid for 65,000 new illegal alien children as to schooling, food, housing and medical care. Many united with their illegal alien parents.  That’s on top of the 350,000 anchor babies we pay for annually because Congress won’t stop the practice.  Remember: you and every working person in the USA pays for those babies from K through 12, along with food, housing and medical care.  We’re talking billions if not trillions of dollars over the decades!

Because our past five presidents, along with successive U.S. Congresses, failed or refused to enforce and secure our borders with our current laws, (can you imagine the payoffs and benefits big business paid them not to enforce our laws for the past four decades?), we face an accelerating onslaught of the world’s poor, desperate and illiterate.

Source: News With Views | Why Force America To Be The World’s Charity Ward?

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