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Where you see huge power elites sitting in their ivory towers dictating third world endless immigration into first world countries—those power brokers never live in or with the results of what they created.

One look at the Moslem and African ghettos, and “no go zones” of France would turn your stomach.  London, England now features two different cities: one Moslem that British citizens avoid. And the other British London that faces terrorist attacks at any moment from those immigrants plotting their attacks within the Islamic ghettos.  Stockholm, Sweden features a new world banner: “Rape Capitol of Europe.”  Norway boasts Oslo where nearly 40 percent of Muslims dominate the city and feature “Sharia patrols” to ensure that Norwegians do not break Islamic laws.  Thus, Norwegians flee their own cities where the immigrants rule.

Source: News With Views | The Strange Death Of Europe Versus The Strange Decay Of America

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