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Since my youth, I watched our country fight useless wars around the world for the past 60 years. Korea killed 33,000 innocent American kids for absolutely nothing. Vietnam killed 53,319 U.S. kids while injuring 350,000 both physically and mentally as it dragged on for 10 years. It accomplished nothing but death and ecological mayhem in Nam. It killed 2.3 million Vietamese.

It created the rampant drug culture in America. Desert Storm killed 400 kids with zero reasons for that conflict. Over 2,300 of our kids suffered death in 17 years of Afghanistan, with more to come. We killed bin Laden: so why didn’t we leave? Over 4,800 of our kids died in Iraq. The absolutely bogus wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past 16 years created in excess of $7 trillion in U.S. debt.

Source: News With Views | Our None Of Our Business Endless International Wars

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