News With Views | America’s Vanishing Open Spaces: Dark Side Of Endless Immigration

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Very few Americans take note or understand the enormous consequences of exponential growth in America. That growth factor imitates the ceaseless growth of a cancer cell until it overwhelms the host body to kill it. Yes, it kills itself in the process, but the cancer cells don’t care. We continue to invite the same “cancerous growth” via our open borders and legal immigration onslaught.

Have you heard of “ecological footprint” in the context of wilderness, habitat and the other creatures sharing North America with us? Please inspect this quick explanation: an African citizen takes up .4 acres of land, that’s 4/10ths of an acre to feed, house and sustain that person. When an African, Indian or any other immigrant lands in America, that person’s ecological footprint jumps to 25.4 acres to sustain that person. (Source: Why? Because that immigrant’s presence in America multiplies land use by more roads, malls, schools, factories, croplands and housing.

Source: News With Views | America’s Vanishing Open Spaces: Dark Side Of Endless Immigration

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