News With Views | 21st Century Anchor Babies: Born In the USA

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Each year, 300,000 to as high as 350,000 pregnant women violate our borders or arrive with visas to birth their child to become a U.S. citizen via an abuse of the 14th Amendment meant for children of former slaves in 1865.

More disturbing: this “anchor baby” phenomenon allows the mother to stay along with her baby for the next 18 years on your taxpayer dollar. That includes hospital costs, food stamps, housing, medical care and K-12 schooling along with free breakfasts and lunches—paid for by you, the American taxpayer. Additionally, both your U.S. senators and House member have done nothing to stop it in the past 40 years.  Costs hit into the billions and possibly trillions of dollars over the past 40 years.  Ireland became the last country to stop that practice five years ago. It bankrupted them with so many illegals arriving pregnant from Africa.

Source: News With Views | 21st Century Anchor Babies: Born In the USA

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