Mr. President: Time to be America’s leader, and never again the “Leader of the Free World” |

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Mr. President:

Half-measures surely are one of the most vicious forms of self-destruction. As you said this week, Obama’s deal with Iran was rotten and far too costly to the United States. You were right to kill it.

The deal, moreover, was unconstitutional. Obama, as a person who was temporarily the U.S. president, concluded an agreement with Iran and several other parties. He treated it as if it was a binding and constitutionally concluded treaty. It was not. The deal was between Barack Obama and the other parties, and he knew – or should have known — that it would remain valid after he was gone only as long as his successor pretended it was a treaty and binding. Obama’s agreement was an execrable mix of cynicism and probably venality on his part, as well as that of John Kerry. After all, there was plenty of cold, hard cash on those pallets for all involved.

Source: Mr. President: Time to be America’s leader, and never again the “Leader of the Free World” |

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