The time nears to end this destructive madness | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

At times, I wonder if any Democrat can see what is really going on. Or why what is going on is making sure that there will be (a) trials, convictions, and executions of leading Democrats for treason, espionage, corruption, and murder, or (b) martial law, or (c) civil war. One or more of these three possibilities must occur before social cohesiveness and common-feeling can begin to be restored among the nation’s citizens. Recent events suggest confrontation is near.

–Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Schiff went to Jordan to enlist the assistance of King Abdullah in both their Constitution-defying war against President Trump, and their effort to make sure that American kids keep getting killed in unnecessary interventionist wars. One also wonders if Pelosi and Schiff were in Jordan to try and warn Baghdadi. With the large number of traitors that Obama left behind across the government, it is a mistake to think there was no leak, or at least a hint, of something being up regarding Baghdadi, though that Democratic leak, in this case, did not get U.S. military personal killed. It also did not save the putrid life of the longtime terrorist who was a friend of Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, McCain, Graham, Kerry, and an as yet unknown number of treacherous general officers.

–Pelsoi, Schumer, and many other Democrats, journalists, former-CIA officers turned shitbirds, and movie stars are crying crocodile tears because IS leader Baghdadi was killed by U.S. Special Forces, as well as because President Trump described their sparkling operation and the dog Baghdadi’s death in words that are familiar and welcome to any non-elite American – including all non-general-officer military personnel – and which describe their feelings perfectly. Only the European-wannabe, bipartisan U.S. governing elite could be offended by Trump’s words. Indeed, those words may be the best Americans have heard from any recent president about the national government’s intent to eradicate genuine threats to the United States – which the lack of democracy, freedom, secularism, or women’s rights abroad are not – since U.S. Admiral Halsey correctly and directly advised that the way to win the Pacific War was to “kill Japs, kill Japs, and kill more Japs.”

–Finally, the disgraceful conduct of the full-house at Nationals Stadium in booing and mocking the president who had just directed the U.S. military to kill a deadly enemy of the republic, and then honored Major League Baseball by attending a World Series game, will live forever in the memories of anti-Democrat Americans. The event will be recalled by Americans not only as an attack on President Trump and his family, but also as an attack on them, their families, their republic, and – in an increasingly affectionate way – their president. It also will convince the few Americans who have resisted the fact that Washington, D.C. really is the fetid, stinking, and disease-and-corruption spreading asshole of the United States.

So, a hard future awaits these enemies of the republic, and whether it be by trials and hangings, martial law, of civil war, fierce retribution will be delivered to the Democratic Party and its apparatchiks for the pain, poverty, and savage social and tax policies they have for decades deliberately inflicted on non-elite Americans, most especially those in the Midwest, the South, and all along the southern border.

After Franklin Roosevelt and his British-manipulated administration had artfully driven Japan to begin war against America in December 1941, he made a speech asking for a declaration of war that rightfully stands as one of the best made by any American. A portion of that speech will suffice for warning the Democrats about the price they are going to pay for so long abusing working and middle-class Americans. It must be said that between most Americans and the Democrats – as FDR said in December 1941 after Japan’s attack —

Source: The time nears to end this destructive madness | Non-Intervention2

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