The Democrats’ war on Trump and the republic leads only to their slaughter | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

When Pelosi, Schiff, the other semi-humans in the Democrat caucus, and the mainstream media initiated an impeachment investigation of President Trump, Americans heard, for the first time in the republic’s history, a declaration of civil war that would genuinely threaten the citizenry’s freedoms and liberties. When President Jefferson Davis ordered Confederate batteries to fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor, he and his cabinet colleagues did indeed start a civil war. Davis’s action, however, did not in any way constitute an attack on the liberties of northern citizens. That said, a civil war is the sort of conflict whose outcome and consequences can never be foretold. It therefore was perceived by some at the time as just such an existential threat.

To repeat, there is no evidence that Davis and his colleagues wanted to enslave northerners. Their intent was to leave and thereby break the Union and establish a second slave-holding republic in North America. This goal was a threat to the Union’s survival – so it had to defeated – but the Confederates were no threat to liberty in the North. The always wildcard nature of civil war, though, did initiate – during and especially after Lincoln’s death – the slow but steady consolidation of wartime policies into the now Democrat-backed policy of completing the national government’s transformation into an elites-run, dictatorial regime that is beyond the control of the electorate.

So now Americans are facing, thanks to the Democrats, the first genuine life-and-death threat to their liberties; Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and the USSR never posed such a domestic threat, only the deeds of G.W. Bush and, especially, Woodrow Wilson and Barack Obama came close.

Source: The Democrats’ war on Trump and the republic leads only to their slaughter | Non-Intervention2

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