Schiff’s impeachment charade must be used to rid Congress of members holding a non-U.S. passport | Non-Intervention2

After today’s vote in Congress to begin the process of impeaching President Trump, the citizenry should insist that the process must stop for a week or forever how long it takes to rid the Congress and Senate of every member and staffer who holds a passport other than that of the United States.

Commonsense and settled law cannot be imagined to sanction the impeachment of the President of the United States by men and women who think so little of their country to have pledged allegiance to another country. No person can serve two different masters, as the adage warns, and certainly no person who has documented his loyalty to another country can be allowed to decide on the future of a chief magistrate who was legitimately elected by the American people.

The easiest way to begin the process of culling of these traitors is to identify and then permanently remove any congressman, senator, or congressional staffer that holds an Israeli passport. The reality that anyone so identified is a traitor is completely established by his or her deliberately pledging allegiance to Israel; such a pledge is a requirement for getting a passport from any government on earth. My own hunch is that when this joyful harvest of traitors is completed, Americans will see that there are very few congressman and senators who have the legitimate right to sit in judgment of the president. The Congress as a whole, on this issue, seems to be a hive of traitors.

Once accomplished, Americans must demand that the same culling of those U.S. citizens who have pledged allegiance to Israel be rapidly and thoroughly conducted in every agency of the executive branch – including the White House, the Pentagon and all military components, the State Department, the CIA, the FBI, etc. – and then in all levels of the judicial branch, including the Supreme Court.

After these initial harvests are completed, the three branches of the national government must be re-culled for people holding any kind of second passport, be it from Ireland, Pakistan, Britain, China, South Africa, Panama, or any other country on the planet.

After all, only loyal Americans – loyalty as documented by their holding a U.S. passport and no other – should deal with American problems and decide the nation’s domestic and foreign policies. Ridding the national government of dual-passport holders will eliminate a longstanding and republic-killing fifth-column, while concurrently powering the greater growth and durability of the patriotic America First movement.

And to ensure that this disloyal scourge of dual-passported individuals does not return, the beginning of wisdom is to mandate that all political candidates for office in the national government be made to acknowledge under oath they do not hold another nation’s passport. Such a mandated, under-oath acknowledgement must also be made by all Americans seeking employment in the federal civil service and the U.S. military and intelligence services.

Source: Schiff’s impeachment charade must be used to rid Congress of members holding a non-U.S. passport | Non-Intervention2

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