No tears for Kurds, but thanks to Trump for removing our military from another lethal shithole | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

So, President Trump again makes good on a campaign pledge and gets more U.S. military personnel out of harm’s way. Naturally, the usual culprits are whining and crying tears of blood for our “Kurd allies”. Senators McConnell and Graham, and treacherous McCain’s ghost are leading the attack on Trump, sounding as if the president has done the wrong thing. No doubt Bill Crystal, Max Boot, and all of the retired, never-won a-war general officers on retainer as war-mongers with the media networks will join the chorus of abuse, which will be amplified by other Neocons, Israel-Firsters, and as soon as the latter can deliver 535 emergency cash bribes, almost all of the U.S. Congress. We have heard and will always hear this kind of war-mongering in disguise as patriotism and loyalty-to-allies whenever the president shuts down an unnecessary and ultimately losing interventionist war.  Let the opposing bastards wail long and loud; hopefully, each will pick up a cat-o’-nine-tails and scourge themselves as the whine and weep. Trump did what was right for the only nation that matters, and that’s the United States.

Trump earlier unleashed U.S. air assets and Special Forces on the Islamic State and – with the indispensable assistance of the scorched-earth practices of Putin and Assad – took back all of the territory IS controlled. With that success, all U.S. military personnel should have been immediately brought home from Syria and Iraq. The Islamic State organization is far from dead but it has no Caliphate, it has suffered high casualties, and it is dispersed across the region. Its future is now in the hands of Syria, Russia, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the other Gulf tyrannies, and Iran. At some point, all of those countries will again have to fight a regrouped IS. We will see how they fare, perhaps wish them well, but the morass they are falling into is now all theirs. America has come to its senses and its soldier-children are coming home. About time.

Trump also has correctly noted that if the Europeans have any worries about America’s departure from a war in which it has no genuine interest – the Europeans, like Democrats, will not recognize commonsense at work — they ought to join together and ride to the rescue of one or another of the war’s remaining participants.  And, of course, if the war in the region is really about democracy, the only democracy in the Middle East doubtless will be eager ride into the death-promising Muslim quagmire with the European interventionists.

Finally, the Kurds are not America’s friends or allies; they are, at most, our paid killers, people whom we have trained and armed to a higher level of military capability and lethality. After we leave, they will not hesitate to kill an American – military or civilian – if one gets in the way of what they intend to do. Recent Kurdish history amounts to a long and exceedingly lethal terrorist campaign against Turkey inside Turkey, so if Ankara’s military brutally kicks hell out of the Kurds, and then just as brutally drives them much farther away from Turkey’s borders, it will simply be, once again, another proof of the adage that what goes around comes around.

Source: No tears for Kurds, but thanks to Trump for removing our military from another lethal shithole | Non-Intervention2

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