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As ridiculous as current politics seem, there is still, even for an elderly fellow like me, a large amount that can be learned by listening to what now is being said and then comparing it against personal experience. I have just completed such a comparison.

First, a decade and more ago, before I was banished by the American media for opposing Israel’s dominance of U.S. policy in the Muslim world, I frequently appeared on Neil Cavuto’s program on FOX News. Mr. Cavuto always struck me as a most thoughtful and fair-minded individual, perhaps more so than any other television interviewer I was dealing with at the time, with the exception of Lou Dobbs, also of FOX.

As it nears three full-years since President Trump was elected, it has struck me strongly that I made an erroneous assessment of Mr. Cavuto, either because he is a master of deceit or because I was stupid. The latter always is a possibility.

Today, however, I lean toward believing Mr. Cavuto is a deceitful person. For the past three years, Mr. Cavuto – now hosting important programs on both FOX News and FOX Business – has used every opportunity to overtly or implicitly criticize and undermine Mr. Trump. I catch parts of both programs each day in the car and Mr. Cavuto’s snide attacks on the president, his policies, and his accomplishments are unrelenting. Indeed, there are many programs on which Mr. Cavuto is joined by a loud-mouthed, but more frank Trump-hater named Charlie Gasparino so they can do some team-bashing of Trump. Gasparino is always praised as an “elite” business journalist, and he may well be. That said, he strikes me as being better described as an arrogant worm who cannot keep his mouth shut.

What really hit a nerve with me about Mr. Cavuto’s deceitfulness is that he currently is orchestrating a broad advertising campaign on FOX Business in which he and many of the other FOX Business anchors and reporters are shown declaring their sincere dedication to making sure that that the network’s viewers will have the best information so they can realize the “American dream”, at least in the economic realm.

Source: Never too old to learn that you were wrong | Non-Intervention2

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