For now, at least, America First means no U.S. military attack on Iran | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

Last weekend’s attack on the Saudi Aramco facility is an odd duck when it comes to events of this kind. There are several basic questions that have yet to be answered.

–1.) What has the attack have to do with the United States?

–2.) Each branch of U.S. military has a widespread presence in Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Peninsula’s other Arab tyrannies, as well as afloat in the Persian Gulf and the northwest Indian Ocean.

–3. Is it really plausible to believe that the purported Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia just happened to occur on the eve of Israel’s national election, a contest in which war-hawk and Iran-hater Netanyahu and his party were on the political ropes.

What I do know, at this point, is (a) that the United States government has no reason to attack Iran whether or not it attacked Aramco; that is the Saudis job is they choose to do it; (b) that it is more important to find out why the U.S. military seems to have absolutely failed in its early warning mission on the Arab Peninsula and the seas around it, and if such an utter failure also is likely to occur here in the United States; and (c) that Israel always is out only for itself, and that it and its U.S. citizen allies (paid agents?) will cooperate to do whatever it is they decide is required to service Israel’s and Netanyahu’s interests, even if it means pushing the United States into an unnecessary war.

Source: For now, at least, America First means no U.S. military attack on Iran | Non-Intervention2

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