Mueller, his DoJ superiors, and their subordinates — first for elimination?

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We can no longer tolerate a Department of Justice and FBI that are clearly engaged in a lawless attempt to overthrow a legitimately elected U.S. president.

Both institutions are apparently thoroughly corrupt and politically motivated across the country, and at all levels of the organizations. We must utterly reject the crap-filled mantra that there are only a “few bad guys” in both DoJ and the FBI. Anyone familiar with federal bureaucracies knows that grand poohbahs like Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller, his prosecutors, Wray, Comey, and McCabe never do their own legwork, and so require the services of dozens – if not hundreds – of lower-level officials to do the grunt work, men and women who can be reliably counted on to have no objection to being involved in their seniors’ crimes. When the time comes, the process of elimination in both organizations will have to be wide, deep, and utterly final.

Source: Michael Scheuer

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