How John Brennan led the CIA to hack the Senate | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

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Former CIA Director John Brennan said yesterday that President Donald Trump should be removed from office due to his mental stability. It Brennan who’s mental stability- and loyalty to the United States and it’s Constitution are in question.

As CIA Director Brennan penetrated and spied on a US Senate Committee investigating torture by the CIA.

“Patently absurd,” said Senator Harry Reid. “It violates the US constitution,” is how Senator Mark Udall described it. Senator Angus King of Maine went even further and said that “it violated both the spirit and the letter of the constitutional separation of powers.”

It is hard to believe that these Democrats are talking about the Obama appointed CIA chief John Brennan under whose leadership the CIA hacked the computers of their Congressional overseers.

Source: How John Brennan led the CIA to hack the Senate | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

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