Has Trump Been the Victim of a Coup? | The Common Sense Show – Dave Hodges

Has President Trump been deposed? Has he been the victim of a coup? If not, please read the following and help me make sense of what is going on. And please spare me the “be patient with Trump he has a plan”. His term is well over half over and it is time to act.

I recently did a podcast where I stated that President Trump has infuriated his advisors. Most of the President’s advisors are Deep State, or become Deep State after serving him. The President has angered his Deep-State-serving advisors because he backed out of Operation Nitro-Zeus as part of an invasion plan for Venezuela, Syria and Iran. In other words, the President just said no to World War III. He publicly said, he “was not convinced about Iran”.

In fact, it is known that Ron Paul advised the President against wars of occupation because it would result in World War III.

Then why are all the signs which indicate WW III is imminent, in play? Is John Bolton the new President? Please consider the following:

Source: Has Trump Been the Victim of a Coup? | The Common Sense Show

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