Fake News Media in a Froth as “Trump of the Tropics” Bolsonaro Seems Headed to Be Brazil’s President

Not that any additional evidence is necessary, but the results of the October 7 presidential election in Brazil confirmed in spades just how blatantly biased and overwhelmingly leftist are the establishment media organizations — worldwide. Moreover, it demonstrated the ridiculous herd mentality of the scribblers and talking heads of the controlled, globalist media cartel, as they marched in lockstep, using virtually identical headlines and descriptions to demonize the conservative winner.

It seems the media pundits are universally stuck on “far-right” when it comes to mentioning Congressman Jair Bolsonaro, who has been dubbed the “Trump of the Tropics.” Defying media predictions and “expert” analysts, Bolsonaro won the election with 46.7 percent of the vote, in a crowded field of 13 candidates, far ahead of the second-highest contestant, left-wing ex-São Paulo mayor Fernando Haddad, who received 29 percent.

However, since he fell short of the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff, Bolsonaro will face Haddad again in a final faceoff on October 28. The media uniformity in casting Bolsonaro as “far-right” (see below) is laughable and goes a long way toward explaining why so many people agree with President Donald Trump that the Big Media cartel deserves the label of “Fake News.”

Source: Fake News Media in a Froth as “Trump of the Tropics” Bolsonaro Seems Headed to Be Brazil’s President

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