Does Obama now have a date with the gallows? If the rule of law prevails, yes. | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

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During the years of the Muellar investigation the terms “treason” and “sedition” have been prominent in many discussions of the legal penalties appropriate for the government officials who set the witch hunt of President Trump underway and then prolonged it as far as possible. Now that the investigation is over and the President was not indicted, the full power of the law must be applied against those who deliberately robbed the republic of more than two years of its life solely because they lost an election and hate the man who beat them.

In other words, this episode is not finished, and it will not be complete until the Department of Justice cleanses itself and the FBI of those who began and abetted the witch hunt, and the President orders the directors of NSA, CIA, and any other participating federal agency to do the same. The number involved in this fraud probably will be in the hundreds. Ideally, all such disloyal people should be indicted and tried for their illegal behavior, but at a minimum they must be publicly named, fired, disenfranchised, and permanently banned from future employment with the national government.

For the high-ranking civil servants and politicians at all levels involved in the witch hunt, now is not a time for Americans to engage in the forgiveness and reconciliation they have shown themselves capable of in the past. In many ways, the past two-plus years posed more of a threat to the republic’s survival than the civil war. At worst, a Confederate victory would have would have created two North American republics with nearly identical Constitutions. A victory for the unconstitutional, Obama-led witch hunt against Trump, on the other hand, would have led to the removal of a legitimate president for no reason save his foes’ hatred and lust for power; the further accretion of power to the federal government; the federalization of elections, the simple description of which is tyranny; the end of, at least, the Electoral College and the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments, and open borders and unlimited immigration. The legal retribution against those who have acted in a manner meant to destroy the republic must be precise, as fair as possible, and it must be conducted in public, go wherever the evidence leads, and led by prosecutors who proceed remorselessly.

Source: Does Obama now have a date with the gallows? If the rule of law prevails, yes. | Non-Intervention2

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